Scope of Digital Marketing in India

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The term ‘digital marketing’ is usually applied to the process in which products or services using digital technology are marketed, whether it be on the internet, via mobile phones or any digital medium.


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Scope of Digital Marketing in India

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The term ‘digital marketing’ is usually applied to the process in which products or services using digital technology are marketed whether it be on the internet via mobile phones or any digital medium. It was back in the 1990’s that developments in digital marketing first began to make an impact on the way businesses and brands used technology for marketing purposes and as the years go by digital platforms are becoming more popular and widely used. In fact many more people are using digital services nowadays rather than making physical trips to shops and retail outlets forcing such businesses to reinvent themselves and go from offline to online.

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What is the scope for digital marketing in India There is truly a wide scope for digital marketing in many countries and none so more than in India. There are digital markets such as SEO search engine optimization SMO Social Media Optimization SEM Search Engine Marketing content marketing and even email marketing. What is Search Engine Optimization SEO Google Yahoo and the major search engines all have primary search results wherein web pages and other contents video’s or local listings appear and are

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ranked according to what the search engine deems relevant to internet users. Adverts that are paid are completely different to SEO money is not involved. What is Social Media Optimization SMO Many social media outlets such as RSS feeds social networking sites Twitter blogs and other communities use social media optimization to try and generate publicity to raise awareness of products services events and brands. SMO is akin to SEO as both share the goal of trying to generate internet traffic to sites to raise the profile of websites. Social media optimization generally refers to making the most of networking sites and their content to encourage users to view sites and

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share links virally. There are web experts who sometimes take on the process of SMO for their clients and there are also software tools that make the process automated. What is Search Engine Marketing SEM This form of digital marketing focuses on paying money for adverts that rank highly on the result pages of the major search engines like Google or Yahoo. Most of the search engine have ways in which individuals or business owners can purchase adverts and they usually appear above or to the right of the content on the search result pages. It is generally those adverts that cost more that will

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appear higher up in the rankings on pages but it will depend on how much competition there is. A flat fee can usually be paid for an advert to be used over a period or fees can be awarded as per the number of clicks received on the ad. What is Content Marketing Content marketing is a focused approach to marketing that creates and distributes information to a relevant audience. Research is conducted to ensure that the products or services that are being promoted are getting to the right customers and once that is successful the content can continue to be honed to meet that audience. This should help customers find the information that they’re looking for and ultimately drive profits and customer action.

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What Is Email Marketing When a company sends out a commercial message by means of electronic mail to a group of potential clients this is known as email marketing. The message is usually in the form of advertisements business requests or even sales or donation requests and any of these forms can be considered as email marketing if they aid loyalty with clients and/or build trust in a product or service. It’s considered as an efficient and effective way of keeping in touch with customers while promoting a business.

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