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Presentation Transcript Framework: Framework provide a framework service where framework is a service platform or a development tools for building any application. ASP.NET deal with many problems by introducing a completely new model for web pages. This model is based on a remarkable piece of technology called the .NET Framework. .NET Framework technology provide easy to implement user friendly and all types of user interface control and it is a service or platform for building, developing and running applications. To understand the .NET Framework general diagram is as under:

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Web services Web Forms Controls Drawing Configuration Messaging Threading IO Globalization CodeDOM WinForms Security Diagnostics Data XML Reflection ASP.NET Application Services Windows Application Services Console Application Services Multiple Language integration Common Type System Debugging and Profiling Garbage Collection Version Deployment Control Security Common Language Runtime (CLR) .NET Framework Base Classes ASP.NET Windows Forms Console

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In the previous diagram ASP.NET Framework display the concept of their application develop by the latest version 3.5 ASP.NET support 3 types of applications 1. Web Application: It provide different type of web services . (any file based on protocol). It also provide readymade controls use to develop any website It also provide application service for their ASP.NET web form. 2. Window Form Application: It has a concept of any standalone application. It provides readymade controls for drawing tools to develop window based application service.

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3. Console Application It is mostly preferred for network programming or any console programming. Visual C# support console base application. .NET Framework Base Class It have different type of inbuilt packages which use to develop any application. Configuration, threading, IO, etc are base class concept, work as a namespace which is concept of C or C++ to include file. Java supports import concept while the .NET framework use namespace concept.

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Common Language Runtime (CLR) CLR is a runtime engine for .NET Framework. It also provide infrastructure for any application It is heart of the .NET or we can say it is backbone of any application Following are some of the services which are provided by CLR: 1. Code loading and execution 2. Application memory requirement 3. Verification of type safe 4. Access to meta data 5. Managing memory and also manage their object Thus , .NET Framework with its different features and applications was as above

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