Plan, Grow, Preserve Your Wealth


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Plan, grow and preserve your wealth with the most trusted wealth management firm in Montana. Our services include investment consulting, advanced planning, and relationship management. Considering Solid Rock Wealth Management for financial advisory in Montana has many benefits such as no limits in options we can provide. Find out more about Solid Rock Wealth Management, visit


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Plan, Grow, Preserve Your Wealth:

Plan, Grow, Preserve Your Wealth With Solid Rock Wealth Management

What Is Solid Rock Wealth Management:

What Is Solid Rock Wealth Management Solid Rock Wealth Management is an independent fee-based wealth management firm located in Bozeman, Montana. The leading financial advisor “Christopher Nolt ” is the owner and CEO of this firm. The company is dedicated to provide wealth management services to high net worth families and individuals within Montana and Wyoming. Our wealth management approaches includes:

Owner And CEO:

Owner And CEO Owner and CEO of Solid Rock Wealth Management “Christopher Nolt ” is a registered p rincipal, investment advisor representative. Chris entered the wealth management industry in 1989 and for past 25 years, he has been helping high net worth families with their retirement, investment and estate planning needs. Chris has a 7, 66 and 24 securities licenses.

Wealth Management Services:

Wealth Management Services Considering Solid Rock Wealth Management for financial advisory has many benefits. Since Solid Rock Wealth Management is independent and fee-based firm, there are no such things as selling investment policies. Some other things include No incentives No Company sponsored trips No limitations to the options we can provide The investment portfolios that we use for our clients are based upon 60 years of academic research. To help you plan, preserve and grow your wealth, we take a three step approach that is “ Investment Consulting + Advanced Planning + Relationship Management ”. Working with Solid Rock Wealth Management can help you with: Investment consulting Advance planning Relationship Management Our advance planning services includes: Tax Planning Estate Planning Retirement Planning Risk Management Charitable Giving. Solid Rock Wealth Management takes comprehensive, team planning approach to address all aspects of your financial life.

Second Opinion Services:

Second Opinion Services As our primary goal is to help people getting over financial hurdles, we provide second opinion services free of cost. Second opinion service is based on your current financial analysis. It includes analyzing your current financial status, your financial advisor and how far have you reached to achieve your financial goals.

Plan, Grow, Preserve Your Wealth:

Plan, Grow, Preserve Your Wealth Secure your future today, choose Solid Rock Wealth Management for investment consulting, advanced planning and relationship management. The biggest mistake that most of us make in our life is seeking advice on the verge of loosing every single asset of us and end up having nothing but debts. For more information on our wealth management services Call us at 406-582-1264, or visit our website 2020 Charlotte Street, Suite 14 Bozeman, MT

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