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WELCOME TO SHENZHEN SOHOKDA ELECTRONICS CO. Ltd HEALTH MONITORING WATCH Summary: The following article helps you understand what is a Health Monitoring Watch and How Can It Help You.

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A Health Monitoring Watch is an extension of a smart phone - it receives notifications answers phone calls from your wrist lets you use apps and tells the time. However the significant advantage of a smart watch is that its almost always with you. Eventually this allows wearers to connect in ways they never could before. Health Monitoring Watches come with built-in pedometers which allow you to track the number of steps you take each day. Taking 10000 steps a day can enhance your health and fitness level. How Health Monitoring Watches benefit you To know about the benefits of Health Monitoring Watches please scroll down. We have detail you the benefits of the same. 1. Monitor your sleep Smart watches let you know how many hours of sleep you are getting and how many uninterrupted hours you spend sleeping. These sleep statistics cannot replace a professional sleep study but they can help you identify patterns and set goals for improving your sleep. 2. Workout reminders Setting workout reminders is the best way to make reasonable goals into great habits. Its easy to miss a reminder notification if you dont have your phone with you but a smart watch will vibrate on your wrist letting you know when its time to go.

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3. Timers and stopwatches While stopwatches and timers arent necessarily new to smart watches theyve been available on digital watches for years. As a result theyre handy for runners swimmers and cyclists. 4. Fitness apps Similar to smart phones smart watches can have apps as well. While limited in features health and fitness apps are available to meet your individual health goals and needs. 5. Custom watch faces The most popular feature of smart watches is the ability to customize watch faces allowing you to express your individuality. 6. Steps taken or goals In addition to fun and colorful facades many smart watches offer health tracking features. Steps taken or goals added to the watch face place health in the spotlight. As you see it more youre reminding to take an active role in your health.

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7. Data are syncing for analysis The smart watch has limited processing power on its own but its always connected to your smart phone so your health statistics sleep steps etc. can synchronize. With a phone app such as Apple Health you can analyze the data and set goals accordingly. This will help you understand your habits and progress. Conclusion Despite being in their infancy smart watches show great promise for the future. In addition health tracking has been incorporated from the beginning showing the focus of these companies and suggesting future growth in this area. Even with the best features in the world a smart watch is still only as good as its user: you. Our store has Bluetooth smart glasses Electric ToothbrushSmart Watch and automatic rotating curling iron. For any questions please get in touch with us. Would you like to place an order with us today

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Contact Us: Business name-Shenzhen Sohokda Electronics Co. Ltd Address: 11D13 CD Block Tianxiang BuildingTian an Digital CityFutian District Shenzhen Guangdong China. Phone: +86-13433494331 E-mail: Skype: 13433494331 Wbsite Thank you