The Amazing benefits of Wool Bedding

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The Amazing benefits of Wool Bedding For centuries wool has always been a popular material for all-natural bedding like – toppers mattresses pillows mattresses protectors comforters and other bedding essentials and the demand has continued to grow even today. When you start to consider various benefits of this wonderful fiber then only you can understand its real benefits. What makes wool a great fiber for all bedding essentials  It is fire resistant  Temperature regulating quality  It is obtained naturally  Quite durable  Wool is comfortably soft  Wool is free from any chemical treatment  Free from any animal cruelty  Eco-friendly and sustainable  Dust mite and hypoallergenic There are many other benefits of wool bedding these are:

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 Better Quality Sleep Studies prove that people who sleep with wool blanket have a lower heart rate undisturbed sleep with an increased duration of favorable REM sleep. Wool has the quality of naturally thermo-regulating and is exceptionally comfortable in all types of seasons. In the winter season a wool comforter provides warmth without causing clamminess or overheating. Conversely in summer and spring it makes you feel cool by wicking any moisture away from your skin. This great capability of wool mattresses pad makes it the ideal bedding. Regardless of any season it even helps your body to maintain a balanced temperature all through the night. Wool mattress topper works great for those people who experience hot flushes or night-sweats. Wool is most effective when the complete bedding is made of breathable natural fibers.  Naturally Fire-Resistant The protective type of coating called lanolin found in wool makes it resistant to combustion. Wool beddings like wool pillows are able to pass flame retardant test. It is free from toxic chemical which are common in traditional bedding.  Lessens Bedroom Allergies Even wool diaper covers and beddings are naturally resistant to mildew and mold. It rapidly absorbs and then releases moisture thus not giving a way to mildew and mold to thrive on. Other types of popular fibers like cotton and down do not release moisture and therefore are more likely to collect allergens.

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 Enhanced Relief and Comfort Wool toppers and wool mattress pads provide added relief from various painful pressure points as you take rest. Those people who suffer from chronic pain like fibromyalgia bed sores and arthritis often feel comfortable with wool.  Zero Shifting The textured coiled wool fibers grab onto each other which forms a stable matrix. This is the reason that wool will not have bare spots like down has them when used in bedding.  Bleach and Chemical Free Many individuals who often suffer from chemical sensitivities and allergies find refuge in wool based natural and pure bedding products. Wool is even a natural material which is biodegradable and can also be composted. Sleep Beyond is one of the top manufacturers of the world famous myBedding and myMerino wool filled bedding essentials and products. They are specially made with feel and love and provide a sound and comfortable sleep like no other. Their wool products are fully guaranteed to be free of any craftsmanship defects and designed to last for several years. SLEEP BEYOND

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