GoldCraft Team Meeting - For Meeting #6

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GoldCraft Team Meeting for Meeting #6


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GoldCraft Meeting Agenda - Meeting #6 Written By: iSystem for GoldCraft Team Meeting #6


Notes Austin and Kevin are excused from GoldCraft Team Meetings at this time by administrative order.


Reports Support Department: 6 Tickets. All were resolved on time. 4 tickets were medium priority. 1 normal and 1 urgent. 2 Incidents… 1 incident was caused by staff error… another incident was caused by unknown reason. Moderation Department: 0 Moderation Actions this week… 0 Warnings

New Business:

New Business Talk about new admin panel Is it up? If not, ETA? Set due date? If not done at this time… progress report at next meeting Talk about possible new transportation system… old one was canceled. Talk about what to do with old building Demolish ? Progress Report? Talk about future construction projects City Hall or Administration Building? Determine if we need a progress report on any projects Talk about possible plugins to add Talk about GoldCraft website Use TheNameDev or wiki? If we switch… progress report at next meeting


Announcements Announce the new team members Announce special holiday events

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