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By: Loribony_Philip (108 month(s) ago)

very beautiful and inspiring - any more Christian exploration and application of it?

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Mandalas by Sister Sonia-Marie, MHSH

Mandalas : 

Mandalas Mandalas are sacred images that contain simple or complex designs that unfold and illumine the conscious mind. Mandala is the language of the Soul. Mandalas speaks directly, without words, and the messages they give are unique to each individual ~based on their receptivity, spiritual awareness and sensitivity.

Mandalas : 

Mandalas Since ancient times, mandalas were used as a means of deepening and enhancing the meditative experience. Mandalas are believed to heal, inspire, reveal, teach and awaken. Buddhist Mandalas ( or Tibetan Mandalas) are perhaps the most known of mandala art, there are also Hindu, Vedic, Native American and Chinese: Mandalas as well.

Mandalas : 

Mandalas Everything that moves, travels or flows in a circle, or in a circular way, is a form of mandala. Night and Day with it’s cycle of light and darkness ~ is a more formless type of mandala that is usually depict in mandala art in “lunar” and “solar” aspects.

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The Circle is the basic component of every mandala. The circle symbolizes perfection ~ a beginningless ~ endless ~ seamless ~ balance. Mandalas speak to us in language of beauty and simplicity ~ of power and purity ~ in every eye ~ (the eye being a mandala itself) ~ the Mandala revels and inspires.

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Glory of God - La gloria de Dios

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Earth, Wind, Fire, Water Praise the Lord!