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20 LIFE HACKS That Propel You Forward

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□ Create a step by step strategy on how you will get one thing that you really want □ Identify your purpose in life  The thing that fuels you  Fulfills you  Is your passion □ Let your purpose drive everything you do □ Define yourself who are you who you want to be □ Never be satisfied always strive for more □ Challenge yourself by trying new things □ Stop saying no and start saying yes □ Thinking positive is not enough start doing positive - actions speak louder than words □ Stop ignoring problems and tackle them head on □ Write a story about you and your life 10 years from now  Write it as if it already happened in the present tense □ Never give up

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□ Live your own life  Not the life other people want or have designed for you  On your own terms  Make your own choices  Live your own dreams  Design your own life □ Be your own best friend  Look out for your interests  Guard yourself from harm  Be your real self at all times  Stand up for what you want  Go after your dreams and goals □ Never back down from a challenge □ Be relentless never stop the pursuit

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□ Harness your power of choice  You can choose how you will act  You can choose how you will respond  You can choose what you think  You can choose what to feel  You can choose how you will live  You can choose what you will do □ In the road of life you have to learn to change lanes  Success is a destination and a journey when you hit a roadblock don’t quit find another route □ Don’t worry about the future stop dwelling on the past live in the HERE and NOW □ Harness your greatest gifts and use them to achieve anything □ Always give your best