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Achieving Success in Sport: 

Achieving Success in Sport Brian Minikin Regional Manager Sports Development O.N.O.C.


The Olympic Games are three years Away.

Sports Leadership: 

Sports Leadership The Search for Success.

So What is Success?: 

So What is Success? What is Myth and What is Fact?

Keys to Success : 

Keys to Success Good Sports Leaders - LEAD It is a key in itself.

Ingredients : 

Ingredients The Process The Framework The Keys

The Process: 

The Process Set Goals Specific , Measurable, Achievable, Realistic.. Each Day arrive early, leave late, challenge and take on challenges. Mental Preparation - Take time to think.


The Process Life Style - eat well, sleep well, take care of yourself. Evaluate - be honest with yourself. Self belief - believe in what you can do. Rectify - be prepared to admit when you fail………


The Process Respect Those around you and encourage others to achieve. Discipline Avoid distractions. “Stay the Course” Have Fun Otherwise why do it?

Framework : 

Framework Develop the framework from which success is produced. Influence behaviour. Success is a qualification of achievement. Text Text Resources Text logistics Funds Comp Equip Coaching

The Keys.: 

The Keys. The Sport Leader’s Primary Role is to: Overcome the inertia of an athlete/team/system. Trust is the lock into which the keys must fit.


Cooperation Players Assistants Management Administration “No man is greater than the Game itself”


Communication How can you get what you want if no-one knows what you want? Barriers to effective Communication include: Physical Language Anxiety Status Power Shyness Perception.


Consistency Train Play Behave = Adaptation = Success “Get a plan and stick to it”.


Commitment Nothing comes without a price. The higher the stakes the higher the price. Know what you want. Let nothing get in the way.


Competition Focus on Action Question everything Share Control what can be controlled. Keep records. Lead from behind.


Craziness Dare to be different Evaluate the needs Take risks Believe in the unbelievable “Crazy thoughts lead to new innovations”


You Owe it to Yourself To go one better. Things worth doing seldom come easy There will be good days There will be bad days There will be times when you want to pack it up and quit. These times tell you that you are pushing yourself. That you are not afraid to learn by trying.


Summary Consistency Perfection Be a ‘possibility thinker’ Desire to be the best Work Hard but Work Smart Congratulate others often. Minimise the gap between what you say and what you do.

Where to Get More Information: 

Where to Get More Information Read books. Do Courses www.oceaniasport.com Most of all……. Go out and do it…..

Where will you Be??: 

Where will you Be?? In just 3 years time you will have taken part in the Olympic Games… But>>>> Will you have lived your dream?