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Guy Lavender South West Director for the 2012 Games: 

Guy Lavender South West Director for the 2012 Games

Format : 

Format National and Regional Structures Is a ‘lasting legacy’ achievable? What are the opportunities? Key issues and Progress

Structures to Deliver the Games : 

Structures to Deliver the Games NRG

London 2012 Strategic Objectives: 

London 2012 Strategic Objectives 1 - To stage an inspirational Olympic Games and Paralympic Games for the athletes, the Olympic Family and the viewing public (LOCOG)

London 2012 Strategic Objectives: 

London 2012 Strategic Objectives 2 – To deliver the Olympic Park and all venues on time, within agreed budget and to specification, minimising the call on public funds, and providing a sustainable legacy (ODA supported by LDA, HMG, BOA)

London 2012 Strategic Objectives: 

London 2012 Strategic Objectives 3 - To maximise the economic, social, health and environmental benefits of the Games for the UK, particularly through regeneration and sustainable development in East London (HMG for the UK, Mayor for London)

London 2012 Strategic Objectives: 

London 2012 Strategic Objectives 4 - To achieve a sustained improvement in UK sport before, during and after the Games, in both elite performance – particularly in Olympic Paralympic sports – and grassroots participation (HMG, BOA, Mayor)

Regional Structures: 

Regional Structures SW Office for 2012 Games SW Exec Steering Committee SW Advisory Board County Strategic partnerships and Sports Partnerships LOCOG NRG Government

Key Tasks: 

Key Tasks Develop a regional plan to maximise the benefits of 2012 Games Ensure SW influence exerted nationally Work with LOCOG/ODA to deliver an inspirational Games Work with County Sports Partnerships and sub regional partnerships to maximise benefits across South West England

Is a Lasting Legacy Achievable?: 

Is a Lasting Legacy Achievable?

Post Olympic Legacy : 

Post Olympic Legacy Barcelona 50 years of infrastructure in 8 years Regeneration of the City increase in short haul destination rankings from 16th to 3rd Australia : Sporting achievements Over A$ 3 bn in business Estimated A$6.1 bn in publicity An addition 1.6million visitors Two long haul flights Events Legacy

2012 Potential Legacy Benefits: 

2012 Potential Legacy Benefits Raise GDP in London by £5.9bn and UK by £1.9Bn Additional 46,000 jobs Enhanced sporting legacy through investment in facilities and participation Significant public health impacts Positive effects on showcasing the UK

South Australia: 

South Australia How could a remote region create opportunities for business and growth from the Sydney 2000 Olympics? Focus and attitude was Sydney-centric What could regions offer?

South Australia Legacy: 

South Australia Legacy Over 1,000 athletes from 23 Countries trained in South Australia Fees charged for sports services Flow on spending on tpt, accom, food travel Raised profile as Olympic level trg venue leading to subsequent events

South Australia Legacy: 

South Australia Legacy Sports export office – leverage into Beijing Enduring network/ business relationships: Commonwealth Games, Olympic Games, Masters Games etc Community benefits – sports amenities, premium events, Schools sports training programs

What Opportunities are available?: 

What Opportunities are available?

Economic Opportunities: 

Economic Opportunities Bid successfully for contracts Establishment of new business relationships and overseas export markets Increased tourism numbers both pre-post Games Contribute to economic regeneration

Sporting Opportunities: 

Sporting Opportunities Improved sporting facilities Maximise SW medals at 2012 Games Increase grass roots participation in Sport Pre-Games training camps Maximise involvement of young people in sport Host and deliver World Class competitions

Community Opportunities: 

Community Opportunities Maximise involvement in volunteering programmes Increased health and fitness benefits Contribute to rural regeneration Increased learning and skills opportunities Local projects and events Links into Arts and Culture

Key Issues and Progress: 

Key Issues and Progress


Business ODA focus for current contracts and enquiries Business Opportunities Network (BON) Leeds Business and Economic Conference – July 06

Pre-Games training camps : 

Pre-Games training camps Stage 1 -Launch application process (Summer 06) Stage 2- Completion of applications (06) Stage 3 - Regional assessments (06/mid 07) Stage 4 - Short list to LOCOG (mid 07) Stage 5 - National assessment and selection (07/08) Stage 6 –Marketing and distribution (Beijing 08) Stage 7 – Negotiation between NOC and venues (08-11)


Volunteering 70,000 required to run the Games 130,000 registered an interest to volunteer Regional consultation June 06 Key Issues: Proportions for recruitment Mechanism for recruitment Who pays?

SW Volunteering Proposals: 

SW Volunteering Proposals Maximise involvement in volunteering for SW Use volunteering as part of wider legacy Proportion of volunteers representative of people who live in the region Maximise use of existing regional frameworks LOCOG pays for specific Games related volunteer training, region pays for associated legacy skills and training


Branding Legislation passed to protect Brand LOCOG website for guidance Brand developed by end of 06 If in doubt please ask!

South West England - Progress: 

South West England - Progress Networks and relationships in place Regional Summit held February 06 South West England Office established Regional Roadshows for consultation and communication in progress


Conclusions Develop and implement a regional plan in 06 Requirement for County input into that plan Legacy will only be delivered by engagement of the community Significant benefits available

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