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New Applications trial on IPv6 network   : 

New Applications trial on IPv6 network   Feb. 25th, 2003 Lee, Young-Ro ([email protected]) Director, Internet Department National Computerization Agency Republic of Korea National Computerization Agency


Contents IPv6 Network Overview Application Development IPv6 Trial Services IPv6 Show Case FTTH & IPv6 @ Home

IPv6 Network Overview: 

IPv6 Network Overview

Network Overview: 

Network Overview KRNIC allocate IPv6 address of Korea Some address blocks were from APNIC Now, KRNIC allocate and manage IPv6 address blocks Address Allocation Status (2003.1) 16 blocks of /32, /35 Prefix 2 blocks of /64 Prefix address for IX (Internet eXchange)

Network Overview – 6NGIX: 

Network Overview – 6NGIX 6NGIX WIDE 6TAP Tokyo XP (NSPIXP-6) sTLA org. NLA org. Oversea network IX Native IPv6 Tunneling IPv6 Planned T1 155M 100M x 2 1G T1 10M 8M 45M TEIN KJ Univ. i2Soft 6Bone-KR (35 org.s) S-Net 6Bone-International (13 org.s) 128K 155M iMnetpia GEANT vBNS RENATER2 SingAREN HINET (Taiwan) KRNIC 2M KINX ETRI 6Bone-KR R&E Network International Links Pre-commercial IPv6 Network MAXIS (Malaysia) IPv6 wireless trial service

Network Overview - Peering: 

Network Overview - Peering 6NGIX(IPv6 Next Generation Internet eXchange) First IPv6 Internet eXchange in Korea (2001.10~) Exchange IPv6 traffic between large networks (sTLA address level) Connected with Native or Tunneling method 6NGIX Peering Table (2003.1)

IPv6 Application Development: 

IPv6 Application Development

Real-time Emergency Telemedicine Service: 

Real-time Emergency Telemedicine Service Real-time Emergency Telemedicine Service Support IPv4 and IPv6 Can use on Desktop PC, Notebook PC and Mobile PC NCA

IPv6 Based Measure & Control System: 

IPv6 Based Measure & Control System Development and Implement of Advanced Integrated Interface System based on Next Generation Internet for Measurement and Control(IPv6 Home Network) Control Interface & System Development X.10(PLC), HomePNA, IEEE1394(HAVi) Object Controlling System Enhanced SIP Control Protocol Control Home Appliance Equipments on IPv6 testbed

IPv6 Based Measure & Control System: 

IPv6 Based Measure & Control System

IPv6 Handheld Device: 

IPv6 Handheld Device Need for IPv6 Support Mobile Handheld Device Currently, MS Windows CE doesn’t support IPv6 Windows CE .Net now support IPv6, but not commercialized Rapid diffusion of 802.11b wireless LAN Rapid Expand of Hot Spot service (KT, Hanaro) and use of PDA Develop a PDA for IPv6 in Mobile Environment Using Compaq iPAQ 3660, install Familiar 6.1 Linux & Opie Implement IPv6 environment in Web, FTP, SSH applications Plan to develop and supply various IPv6 Linux applications

Development of IPv6 Handheld Device: 

Development of IPv6 Handheld Device

2003 IPv6 Application Development: 

2003 IPv6 Application Development IPv6 Home Appliance Development With home electronics vendors Deploy at FTTH cyber apartment IPv6 SLA system – IPv6 traffic measurement system Upgrade IPv4 SLA system to IPv6 SLA System Can measure max/min IPv6 traffic of PC, Server Can measure Delay & Jitter of IPv6 traffic IPv6 Handheld Device Implementation Linux based IPv6 PDA Windows CE .Net based IPv6 PDA

IPv6 Trial Services: 

IPv6 Trial Services

IPv6 Messenger Service: 

IPv6 Messenger Service IPv6 Messenger Service The only IPv6 support Instant Messenger in Korea NCA and i2Soft developed it together Developed at 2001, Trial service from mid 2002

IPv6 Streaming Service: 

IPv6 Streaming Service NCA’s IPv6 Streaming Service OS : Microsoft Windows .Net Server RC2 Application : Windows Media Server 9.0 & Media Encoder 9.0 Currently provide IPv6 live and IPv6 VOD service mms://v6video.ngix.ne.kr/IPv6CAM ( IPv6 only )

IPv6 Streaming Service: 

IPv6 Streaming Service

Mobile IPv6 Trial Service: 

Mobile IPv6 Trial Service Mobile IPv6 trial service supporting Fast Hand-Off Constructed MIPv6 Wireless LAN Hot-Spot in Central City Provide IPv6 mobile internet connection service from 2003.1 NCA, Hanaro telecom, IMNetpia In 2003, Service area will be enlarged

Mobile IPv6 Trial Service - Topology: 

Mobile IPv6 Trial Service - Topology

IPv6 Show Case: 

IPv6 Show Case IPv6 service as a ‘e-Life’ Making IPv6 Showcases that users can experience Service model implementation that applicable to a real life Integrated service of development results of IPv6 applications Results of 2002~2003 applications development Cooperation with home appliances companies Cooperate with other IPv6 Showrooms, Showcases Galleria v6 – Japan, Euro v6 – Europe, others…

IPv6 Show Case - Concept: 

IPv6 Show Case - Concept

FTTH & IPv6 @ Home: 

FTTH & IPv6 @ Home FTTH Cyber Apartment Gigabit backbone, Optical Fiber based Local Network Provide more than 20Mbps broadband service, to 800 homes High Quality Application HDTV quality VOD service Real-time Newspaper Service Real-time Newspaper E-Commerce Home Network… Cyber Education Video Conference Telemedicine…. High Quality VoD Streaming Service FTTH Network 20Mbps Service

FTTH & IPv6 @ Home: 

FTTH & IPv6 @ Home Enable IPv6 Network @ Home Provide IPv6 network and applications to FTTH Apartment IPv6 home gateway, server Develop IPv6 Home Appliances Cooperate with Korea’s home appliance vendors Develop IPv6 TV, refrigerator, camera, etc. Pilot Deployment of IPv6 Home Appliances Build IPv6 home gateway and translator Build IPv6 home appliance showcase at FTTH Apartment

Global IPv6 Show Case Links: 

Global IPv6 Show Case Links - Japan - Europe v6 Cyber Town - Korea China Other US(?) IPv6 Showroom Cluster




Conclusion IPv6 Application for PC user Interested but do not make difference Mobile IPv6 is under test in public area Still have shortage of application Home Network is promising area IPv6 to Home for non-PC home appliances Remote Control and Monitoring may draw attention using handheld device

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