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Presented by Peter Calis, COO Hopling Technologies B.V. Smart Cities Forum Lessons Learned February 7, 2007


Agenda Company profile Deployment Models Mesh Network Solutions (HopWARE) Managed Services Model Live network examples The Cloud (Hotspot Amsterdam), Amsterdam WebNet Converged Wireless Network, Canada & USA Success factors in deploying WiFi mesh networks The Near Future


Company Profile Corporate HQ Hopling Technologies B.V. Business: A technology leader in IP-based wireless broadband networking equipment. History: Founded in February 2004 by seasoned executives. Privately held. HQ and R&D campus in the Netherlands. Manufacturing, Warehouse and European Repair Center in Almere. Active Member of the WiMAX Forum since 2004. Fujitsu Linux WiMAX development partner since September 2005. Sales Results: 30+ service providers including Tier 1 carriers. More then 900+ customers (including blue-chip companies) of which 100+ have operational mesh networks. Market leader: Recognized as a global leader in wireless citywide mesh solutions.

Deployment Models : 

Deployment Models Incumbent: additional service: HotSpots: Airports, Hotels, Restaurants Incumbent/New Operator: Last Mile, rural deployment New Operator/ ISP: City wide Deployments


Mesh Networking Solution 1, 2, 3 and 4 Radio Mesh Nodes Superior Fourth Generation Mesh Solutions Centrally Managed and Controlled Each Node always Scans Alternate Paths – Network intelligently Tunes Accordingly True Mobile Broadband Connectivity with a Multitude of IP Enabled Devices Scalable – Secure – Manageable – Seamless Low and Lower Cost Rapid Deployment due to Intuitive Tools Over-the-Air Upgradeable Superior Multi-Layer Mesh-Routing Algorithms Low latency (to support VoIP and Video Surveillance) Future-proof Technology Hopling Technologies provides different antennas for usage in various scenarios


Mesh Networking Solution


Managed Services Model Centralised access, billing and service management Centralised network management-, configuration management-, fault management- and scripting- services


Managed Services Model Managed Services Model Provider A Provider B Provider C


The Cloud (Hotspot Amsterdam) Privately operated and owned WiFi mesh network, called “Hotspot Amsterdam”. First equipment delivery to Hotspot Amsterdam (single and dual radio nodes) in summer 2004. First true WiFi metropolitan city in Europe, operational since 30 August 2004. Primary customers: visitors, residents and Amsterdam’s large ex-pat and student communities. Acquired by “The Cloud” in September 2006. WiFi Mesh network in Amsterdam


The Cloud (Hotspot Amsterdam) Using Xnet Mark-II nodes (mesh routers / access point) and two 19” Xfire Hopbase network services managers managed by Hopling Services. Using 2.4GHz and 5GHz spectrum. Triple “load balanced” ADSL feed in the center of Amsterdam. Interconnects with several providers for roaming traffic. Customers: “nomadic” users. WiFi Mesh network coverage in Amsterdam


WebNet CWN, Canada & USA WebNet Converged Wireless Network is building a dynamic Converged Wireless Network throughout North America and Canada. WebNet CWN is poised to become a leading provider of High Speed Internet, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), Internet Protocol Mobile (IP Mobile), IPTV (On Demand), Security, Video-Conferencing and many other digital products and services. First equipment delivery to WebNet CWN (single and dual radio nodes) in Spring 2006. After Successful Trials and Demonstrations in Abbotsford, British Columbia, WebNet CWN; Announces 12 Broadband Wireless Deployment Agreements in Canada. WebNet has developed an aggressive plan to develop 125 converged wireless territories in North America. WiFi Mesh networks in Canada and USA


WebNet has selected the Xnet Mark and Xnet Viper series mesh nodes for extensive city-wide deployment. Interconnects with the Xfire Hopman and the WebNet Portal software. StarMesh Technologies - distributor for the Americas. WebNet CWN Canada & USA Las Vegas deployment


WebNet CWN, Canada & USA WiFi Mesh network coverage in Abbotsford, Canada Using Xnet Mark nodes (mesh routers / access point). Using 2.4GHz and 5GHz spectrum. 19” Xfire Hopman network element manager managed by WebNet CWN.


Success Factors WiFi Mesh networks are relatively easy to deploy, as long as: They are based on a professional network design and planning. The back office is fully implemented, hence the Managed Services Model. The equipment is professionally installed.


Success Factors The definition of professional installation varies. Xnet Mark-I indoor mounted in a wiring closet.


Success Factors Line of sight is a difficult concept. Xnet Mark-I mounted in a tree. Leaves and especially water attenuate 2.4GHz WiFi signals considerably. The definition of professional installation varies.


The Near Future (WiMAX)


Thank You www.hopling.com The wireless market is a dynamic environment; fast-moving, global, and intensely focused on customers value