How to Use Makeup Primer like a Professional Makeup Artist

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How to Use Makeup Primer like a Professional Makeup Artist What is a Primer Primer is an elementary product that’s applied to your skin to create a flawless base to hold onto whatever makeup you are applying like foundation concealer or tinted moisturizer. Primers come along with a facial serum that boosts hydration a sunscreen that protects and softens the appearance of pores or a traditional silicone-based primer. The primers don’t just smooth skin keep makeup in place and blur pores to near invisibility. They can also brighten diminish fine lines and wrinkles aim acne and add loads of moisture. Without feeling heavy you can even give skin a temporary face-lift.

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How to Apply the Primer You need to master the art of application after you find the appropriate primer for your skin. Always apply moisturizer before priming as it makes your primer application even. Wait a few minutes after your application before priming and take Professional Makeup Artist Shweta Gaur’s advice to begin in the center of the face and work your way out you want light coverage not heavy. Apply it with your fingertips or a sponge and avoid the eye area. Allow a few minutes for it to set before applying foundation once your primer is on. Make sure you choose a product that mixes well with the foundation when choosing a foundation. Try to keep like with like to confirm your foundation doesn’t separate during the day.

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Make your Eyes Pop It’s important to not to forget your eyes as well. What’s worse than creating a perfect masterpiece on your eyes only to make it fade or smear just an hour or so later Nothing. Hence it’s important to keep your eye makeup insured and primer is that coverage. Your eye shadow will stick longer if you have applied Primer well on your eyes. Primers these days are stronger and more efficient than ever.

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Here are a few useful tips and tricks that are important while you’re applying your primer:  Less is more when it comes to makeup especially primer. Even A tiny drop will be enough. Scrub this into the skin well for full coverage.  Do not forget to apply moisturizer before you apply the primer.  Try a tinted primer if your skin is dull to help add some glow and life back into your skin.  Always take a foundation that matches the tone of your primer to prevent your base from separating. You can use water-based primers with water-based foundation and silicone-based primers with the same foundations.  Apply primer around the eyes and on the lids as well. This helps prevent makeup from smearing or puckering by absorbing oils.  If your skin is oily use an oil-free primer to condense your skin’s oil production and minimalize shine.  If you have acne-prone or very sensitive skin go for water-based primers so that they do not clog your pores and cause breakouts or irritation.  Use a primer with nutritious ingredients and one that’s filled with antioxidants for mature or aging skin. Shweta Gaur a renowned Makeup Artist says that for creating the perfect makeup look you need to use a primer perfectly. Follow these tips to create a flawless base so that your makeup can last longer and looks amazing. Content source: use-makeup-primer-like-a-professional-makeup-artist

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