How To Guide_ Add A Navigation Menu To WordPress Part-1

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How To Guide: Add A Navigation Menu To WordPress Part-1 WordPress is an open-source website creation tool which is based on PHP and MySQL. It offers the user-friendly interfaces without having knowledge ofprogramming and coding. This free website builder is used by many ​CMS Web Development Companies but it’s not limited to the developers only as it doesn’t need the programming or coding knowledge it can be used by any non-technical person too.

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If you are completely unfamiliar with WordPress and using it for the first time it can be quite tough for you to understand its plugins. But once you understand its plugins you won’t find it tough. Check out some amaging theme and Plugin from Trickyard ​Bloggers offers In our today’s article we will help you with the beginners guide for how to add a navigation menu to the WordPress. By following these simple steps you will get to know everything that is required to create an effective navigation menu. Let’s begin Create a Navigation Menu Creating a navigation menu is the very first thing you need to do before doing anything and to create that you need to follow below-mentioned steps.

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. Go to your WordPress dashboard click on the appearance option and then select menus. This is how you will get the menu’s interface. The menus interface will bring you to the create menu page where you need to fill the menu name which will be visible to you only not to the visitors. The menu name will help you to always remember the menu. Once you enter the name you need to click on the create menu option and you are done with creating a menu. Hire Trickyard to Setup Your Blog Read ​about Us

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Assign a Location to the created Navigation Menu Once you have successfully created a menu you will get the menu setting option which will bring two options to you that are auto-add pages and display location. Select any one of them for inserting your navigation menu on the live version of your website. However the real locations might look different than the locations in the screenshot because they vary from theme to theme. After selecting an appropriate menu location for your website check the box and click on the save menu. Add Items To the Created Navigation Menu

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This step is divided into 4 parts that are Add a new navigation menu item Customize a navigation menu item Rearrange navigation menu items Remove a navigation menu item. Part 1. Add a new navigation menu item Adding items is the most important step in creating a navigation menu to WordPress. You will have to use the sidebar which is on the left side of the screen to add an item to your navigation menu. In the sidebar you will get the different options such as pages posts custom links and categories. Select any one of them as per your choice. If you select the posts option you will be able to add links to any of your published pages.

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If you select the custom links option you will be able to add the custom links including internal and external links. If you select the categories option you will be able to add the new links to different categories on your blog. You need to select any option out of them and click on add to menu option. This is the first part of the third step. For more specific requirements you can either hire any ​CMS Web Development Service ​ or read out the second part of this article. This is the first part of our guide “How to Add A Navigation Menu To WordPress” if you want further details on the same topic you can check out the second part of our article. Source: rt-1/

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