Amazing Facts About Chatbots That You Must Know

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Amazing Facts About Chatbots That You Must Know

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Before we start you should know ​What is a Chatbot ​so a                         chatbot is the latest concept which is like an artificial                     intelligence. There are two types of chatbots virtual assistant                   and messaging app.    A virtual assistant helps you to do the basic things like search                         information and remember important events or meetings. Siri                 and Cortana are the biggest examples of virtual assistant                   chatbots.

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The second one is messaging apps that allow businesses to be                       online 24/7 and provide quick customer support. These                 chatbots help the businesses to interact with the customers by                     following pre-programmed rules.     According to the recent surveys the usage of chatbots is                     growing day by day with an intense speed. The surveys also                       state that more than 1 billion new people join chatbot                     messaging apps every year.     How it Works  Chatbots make user’s purchase experience very convenient and                 smooth. The bots are extensively used by the consumers to                     contact the retailers and make the purchase. Consumers like                   chatbots because chatbots help them to quickly find the                   information they are looking for and make their purchase

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experience easy.     Mostly consumers prefer to use chatbots for shopping or any                     online service which clearly shows that chatbots have been                   hugely trusted by the consumers. More than 60 of online users                       prefer to use chatbots which is very huge.     Customers don’t really care about the chatbot support system                   as long as they are getting helped by them. Most of the                         companies are using chatbots to provide the customer service

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such as answers the customer’s queries solve their queries                   provide the asked information etc.     We can’t deny the fact that bots are really doing well with the                           customer support. If we talk about ​AI Chatbot ​ they are also                       doing a great job and helping numerous businesses or brand                     to provide the best customer support 24/7.     This is how chatbots are playing a very important role in our                         lives and make the online activities easier for us.    Source URL:- -know/

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