Romance Unleashed on the Fine Art Canvas

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Let us see how romantic paintings are made by the artist!


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Romance Meets Fine Arts Love is not just the matter of interest or not just between two individuals but also the feelings that erupt from one's heart towards other aspects, like nature, animals, food, adventures, children, friends etc . Today, love goes beyond eternity, which is far ahead of any science and religion! Manjiri uses her canvas to allow her lovely little delights of colors with acrylic painting, oil painting, contemporary art and paint to express something that needs no words! A feeling that takes shape on her paint board has mesmerized art admirers around the globe ! Her oil paintings and arcylic paintings that reveal the desire of greatest feeling on earth is portrayed fantastically! The Fine art and contemporary art comes alive with the glorius use of brush strokes that play elegance on the canvas!

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Contemporary art finds inspiration in love It is known that creativity cannot be bought and a true artist will vouch for that fact. No amount of money can replace the respect that a painter receives on an outstanding work of art . It can be of any art forms of art like   digital art , contemporary art, abstracts,  fine art  , oil paintings and arcylic paintings etc .

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Carrying the legacy of photo art and art work Manjiri’s core persistence to pursue her passion for art led her to becoming a full time artist . If you have to express yourself to someone in a way that can leave you speechless, Her art work have the ability to do all the talking for you . Her acrylic paintings are the ideal gift for that special someone when you have something to say that cannot be expressed in words . Acrylic paintings perfectly capture the emotions you are trying to express . Acrylic paintings are simple and beautiful paintings will undoubtedly impress your significant other.

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