How to Blend colored pencils

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Check out these 5 amazing techniques to blend colored pencils


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Blend Colored Pencils:

Blending Colored pencils is always a challenging job for an artist .We tried to simply your efforts . Here are few best techniques how to blend colored pencils. Blend Colored Pencils

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Layering Pencils One of the best possible and clear-cut approaches to blending pencil colors is to utilize pencils without any additional stuff. All that you got to do is evenly spread the layers of different colors over the surface.  Keep the layers as light as possible when you start drawing and then gradually, you could overlap the colors to give it a finishing touch.

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Use Water Watercolor pencils are widely used by professional artists since it helps them create a beautiful piece of artwork without needing to utilize paints. To blend your colored pencils with watercolor, the first step is to spread water onto your drawing paper filled with colored pencils. Allow sufficient time for the first layer to get dry before brushing the water to the next layer.

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Smudging   Smudging process needs nothing but a paper product to blend your colors. Blend your colors using plain paper, paper towel, soft tissue, and even a toilet paper would work. You can also use blending stumps to smudge your colored pencils properly . The tortillons , though mainly utilized for charcoal, leaves your drawing paper with a fine blending and can also turn out to be a major addition to your color pencil kit. In order to smudge pencil colors, start with a dark pencil layer to boost the effect. 

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Solvents Special method to maximize your blending effect is the use of solvents.  These solvents typically have to be rubbed over the top of your pencil and shouldn’t be used in a delicate paper.  Paper could resist the application of solvent, it is advisable to test the treatment on it by applying a small amount of solvent and checking if there is any damage caused to the sheet. 

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Use Baby Oil Baby oil can blend your pencil colors, enhancing the overall visual appeal of your drawing paper All you need to have is baby oil, pencil colors, and some cotton swabs to dab the oil over the colored pencils and give it a finishing touch.

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