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Everything is digital now! Why should art be aby different? Here is a comparison between traditional art and digital art.


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WHAT IS DIGITAL ART • Digital art is a form of art that uses computer technology to create different pieces of artwork. • It uses the techniques of traditional art like watercolors oils styles etc. to be applied using a computer and a software. • The artist uses modern tools for making creative digital art. Showflipper 3/13/2018 2 | Company Presentation

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Some forms of digital art are: 1. Digital Illustration 2. Digital Painting 3. GIF Art 4. Vector Art 5. Digital Photography 6. Pixel Art Animation 7. 3D Painting Forms of DIGITAL ART: Showflipper 3/13/2018 3 | Company Presentation

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WHAT IS Traditional ART • Traditional art is a kind of art that forms part of a culture. • It includes group of people skills and knowledge which are transformed from one generation to the other. • It is the form of created using the real media • Traditional art includes using old techniques like canvas colors brushes etc. Showflipper 3/13/2018 4 | Company Presentation

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Forms of Traditional ART: Some forms of traditional art are: 1. Painting 2. Drawing 3. Sculptures 4. Print making 5. Architecture 6. Ceramic art Showflipper 3/13/2018 5 | Company Presentation

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3/13/2018 6 | Company Presentation

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Traditional painting vs digital painting: TRADITIONAL DIGITAL Includes tools like canvas paints brushes etc. Includes tools like computer system software stylus etc. Uses old techniques. Uses modern techniques. Takes more time. Takes less time. Mistake cannot be undone. Mistake can be undone. Needs physical storage space. Stored on digital memory. Multiple paintings need to be created again. Work can simply be copied multiple times. Showflipper 3/13/2018 7 | Company Presentation

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3/13/2018 8 | Company Presentation

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Pros of traditional art: • Art on canvas has high value. • It looks natural. • Traditional art is cheap in terms of tools. Showflipper 3/13/2018 9 | Company Presentation

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• It is very efficient. • Doesn’t create any mess. • Can use different artboards. • Can get multiple copies. Pros of digital art: Showflipper 3/13/2018 10 | Company Presentation

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Comparison: CREATING FROM IMAGINATION: In traditional painting when an artist sees something or thinks about something he starts drawing using lines curves with pencil or brush. Whereas in digital painting the artist uses pen or mouse to draw the lines and the shapes for the perfect picture. Showflipper 3/13/2018 11 | Company Presentation

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Sculpture: In traditional art the sculptures are made using clay that can be shaped using fingers or other tools. But in digital art sculpting means creating a 3D image. The software provides all the necessary tools. Showflipper 3/13/2018 12 | Company Presentation

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• All forms of art are unique in their own way. • Traditional art has been in the market since a long time ago. • Digital art is becoming more famous today. • There are thousands of both digital as well as traditional artists. Showflipper 3/13/2018 13 | Company Presentation

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• Whether you are a traditional artist or a digital artist you can earn money. • You can sell your photos and paintings at online art galleries. • Today the demand of digital art is getting higher. • Just start making creative digital art and sell them online. Showflipper 3/13/2018 14 | Company Presentation

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Where to sell digital art: • If you create the best digital designs and want to show to the world. • Join an online art gallery and start earning by selling the photos and paintings online. • The online digit art galleries are the best option on the internet for selling your art work. • There are more chances of getting your work sold and gaining popularity. Showflipper 3/13/2018 15 | Company Presentation

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• Use search engine to find the well- reputed online gallery. • Or directly access the trusted website. • Make your account and portfolio on the gallery’s website. • Decide your selling price. • Make sure to upload the digital photos in best quality. HOW to sell digital art online: Showflipper 3/13/2018 16 | Company Presentation

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THANKYOU Showflipper 3/13/2018 17 | Company Presentation

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