Tips to be a Digital Artist

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Want to know What is Digital Art? Go through this PPT and know how to enhance your skills.


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Digital Painting is an trending art form. It consists of traditional painting techniques, that are applied using digital tools by means of a computer. Techniques such as watercolors, oil painting, impasto etc. can be portrayed using the digital medium. L et’s start with, what is Digital Painting? Digital Photos Online


“ G ood artists copy; great artists steal .” Let photo references guide you to making better art . Using references to create your Artwork may feel like cheating. But using Photographs to create your artworks can really help you out in your initial phase.   Study it, Absorb it and create your own masterpiece. Go download some stock photos and set the stage on fire. Have a look to this fabulous Digital Art


“I mprove your Line art and Sketch Quality.” Don’t try to get 100% perfect lines from start. Trace lines with a regular speed don’t hurry up. Focus on your Sketching, Just keep on sketching whatever you see around. Keep it in your mind sketching is a base of great digital painting.


“ Be a learner ” Learn the strategies of how to create the Artwork from various tutorials available there online Or follow the sites like “Wiki How” to Know how to make it happen step by step. Read blogs about top trends in the field of Digital Art Its always good to go with the flow, try new software’s to enhance your Digital skills Visit the link for more Digital Art Trends


“ Practice make man perfect ” Practicing on daily basis can help you achieve tremendous results. Practicing Digital Painting strengthens the co-ordination between hand and brain. Practicing Digital Painting daily, can enhance your painting strokes. Practicing can enhance your painting skill.