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The art and History of Origami :

The art and History of Origami

History :

History Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding. “ Ori ” is the Japanese word for folding and “kami” means paper Origami actually began in China around the end of the first century or start of the second century The earliest reference that clearly supports paper folding in Japan is the short poem written in 1680 by Ihara Saikaku . The poem describes a dream that involves paper butterflies.


History In the beginning, there was very little paper available and the art of origami was only practiced by the wealthy. Origami was practiced at weddings to represent the bride and groom and it was also practiced by the Samurai as a form of gift exchange called Noshi .

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As paper methods progress, paper became less expensive. The art of origami became available for everyone. The two classic tools needed for origami are: Copy paper Scissors

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For centuries there where no written directions for origami art. Directions for folding models where taught to each generation and handed down to the next. This form of art became part of the cultural heritage of the Japanese. The first book to be published with origami instructions was “How to Fold 1000 Cranes” in 1797.

Origami Today:

Origami Today Akira Yoshizawa is considered is considered one of the originators of modern origami,  he developed a system of folding patterns employing a set of symbols, arrows and diagrams.

Origami Today:

Origami Today Origami is characterized by open-access folding patterns and sequences. Modern origami has advanced and now utilizing tools for techniques is seen an innovative. For example using highlighters to draw specific patterns on office paper or using glue to make models clean and crisp.

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Some artists like to try different materials and use shredders to make uniform cuts It’s all about getting as creative as you can with the very simple office paper

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