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READY, SET, H I G H SCHOOL! GRADES 9-12 High School Edition Get Ready to Get Educated about High School and High School Supply Essentials

Middle School V. High School:

Middle School V. High School There is a LOT more work in high school than there is in middle school. Middle School schedules are usually fixed, whereas High School schedules grant each student the personal freedom to choose whichever electives he/she fancies In Middle School, students usually adjust to only three to four new teachers, whereas in High School, students must learn to juggle their relationships with eight to nine. Athletics in Middle School pale to athletics in High School Athletics in High School provide gateways to school spirit and socialization amongst students Studies show that students who participate in High School athletic programs are less likely to drop out of school. Psychologically, transitioning from eighth grade, the oldest grade (aka, the “coolest”) in Junior High, to ninth grade, the youngest grade in High School, can be demoralizing Often, high school is much larger in size compared to middle school In many cases, a number of middle schools are piled into a single high school This also means that high schools offer larger class sizes

High School is T O U G H !:

High School is T O U G H ! Peer Pressure Is Real: Clothes, eating, cheating, drug and alcohol abuse, etc. will be new challenges your high schooler will most likely encounter during High School Transitioning into High School means buckling down! More personal responsibility is places on High Schoolers , which means teachers offer less “hand holding,” or personal and individual attention to each student The impersonal nature of the high school classroom and emphasis on self-motivation can present a difficult transition for many students. DID YOU KNOW that m ore students flunk ninth grade than any other grade? Make sure your high schooler stays organized, keeping stress at bay!

On a Positive Note…:

On a Positive Note… While bullying is a serious fear of many eighth graders entering high school, studies have proven that there is less bullying in high school than in middle school Seniors are more likely to ignore the freshman class than they are to participate in “Freshman Friday”

Academic Planner:

Academic Planner It is of UTMOST importance that your adolescent maintain his/her academic planner– academic planners teach students time management skills that will help him/her out when he/she enters high school AND college.

Three to Five Star Notebook:

Three to Five Star Notebook Each “subject” should be reserved for a specific class your high schooler is taking. Encourage diligent note taking Students who take good notes do a better job at listening during class Good notes give students a better starting point for studying Encourage your high schooler to r ead over the notes he/she took everyday before class

Color Ball Pens Pens and Highlighters:

Color Ball Pens Pens and Highlighters Color-coding, hi-lighting, and underlining are important habits for your high schooler to acquire when reading important school-related material -Benefits of color-coding: -Improves study morale -Studies show that students who study color coded material score higher than students who study conventional black and white formats -Color coded material means fewer eye fixations, which means that studying becomes a much more fluid and enjoyable process -So encourage your kids to hi-light and color code their notes!

Pocket Folders:

Pocket Folders To transport all of your high schooler’s homework, creative writing brilliance, and everything in between! It’s useful to color code your adolescent’s pocket folders according to subject For instance: Green= Earth Science; Yellow= Trigonometry; Etc.

Ti-83+ Calculator:

Ti-83+ Calculator A graphing calculator is a necessity for students who will engage in more serious math subjects like algebra and trigonometry. Don’t let your high schooler convince you that the graphing calculator apps on his/her smart phone are acceptable. Most teachers find the usage of cell phones absolutely unacceptable and insist upon graphing calculators instead.

Graph Paper and Copy Paper:

Graph Paper and Copy Paper High schoolers will be asked to draw graphs on graph paper and hand it as homework. Graph paper is a necessity! Loose-leaf paper is essential to handing in writing assignments too! If your child doesn’t want to rip pages of his/her notebooks, extra loose leaf paper will always come in handy

Flash Drive:

Flash Drive Flash drives are a crucial item for your adolescent to own. Flash drives enable students to work on the same project both at home and at High School. While online software systems, like Dropbox , provide services that are similar to that of a flash drive, flash drives provide extra assurance to your high schooler , since it guarantees that all of his/her assignments will be in on time.

A Sturdy Backpack:

A Sturdy Backpack Pick a backpack that has Chest and/or hip straps and a padded back, to decrease stress on the back and enhance comfort Has reflective material on the back, so that it can be seen at night Has many individual pockets, to distribute weight evenly In the United States, 92% of students carry backpacks that hold 10-22% of their body weight

Never Forget #2 Pencils & Big Pink Erasers!:

Never Forget #2 Pencils & Big Pink Erasers ! Standardized testing usually requires the use of a #2 pencil. Do NOT have your high schooler be without one!

Hand Sanitizer:

Hand Sanitizer Nearly 22 million days of school are missed annually due to the common cold A case control study of 6,080 schools reported that those who enforced classroom-dispensed instant hand sanitizer at specific times throughout the day experienced 20% fewer absences due to illness

A Reusable Water Bottle:

A Reusable Water Bottle Keep our pre-teens loving the planet! Especially during hot months, a reusable water bottle makes all the difference. Keep these facts in mind : In response to public concern, manufacturers have developed BPA-free reusable water bottles. When you use a reusable water bottle, you help reduce the production of bottled beverages and therefore, the landfill and recycling burden of the bottles.  Buying and using a reusable water instead of bottled water saves you money over the long term. In fact, reports that bottled water can cost up to 10,000 times as much per gallon as tap water.

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