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Shop Industrial Products is the leading Industrial Solution Provider in India.It manufacturer of chemical products such as eZy, Elecstar Powersol,Elecstar Press, Elecstar BB0010, Elecstar PS0011, Elecstar BTP, Elecstar CCS 02, X-Ceed 520.


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Shop Industrial Products:

Shop Industrial Products Industrial Solution Provider - Shop Industrial Products Visit Here

About Us:

About Us OWING TO GLOBALIZATION, INDUSTRY TODAY IS ONE OF THE MOST COMPETITIVE ENVIRONMENTS! Technological development is at an unmatched pace demanding more sophistication as customers are becoming more and more value conscious. Thus energy saving & cost effective product has become the norm of industry. At the same time, ???Total Environment??? became a must as we have to handover this planet to our next generation We, ??? Eximious Ventures Pvt. Ltd.??? are in the field of industrial products since 1987 with our constant endeavor being towards ???Energy Saving and Envirocare ??? helping our customers to be cost-effective, environment friendly without compromising on safety. In 1998, we entered into technical collaboration with Edmacs Technologies Ltd., U.K.

Products : :

Products : eZy e-age multi application product To facilitate easy removal of rusted nut- bolted connections. To clean parts. For freeing sticky mechanisms. To act as lubricant, to stop squeaks etc. To drive out moisture out of assemblies.


ELECSTAR – POWERSOL A  PERFECT REPLACEMENT OF CTC OR TCE Features: 1 . Green safe solvent. 2. Penetrates the surface absolutely. 3. Evaporates completely, does not leave any residue .  4. Odorless. 5. Non Chlorinated, Non Toxic, Non Hazardous. 6. Does not contain any ozone depleting substances.

Elecstar – PRES:

Elecstar – PRES Elecstar – PRES is a unique way to repair the damaged electrical panels. Elecstar – PRES can also be utilized to seal the entire panel, cable jointing, sheet metal sealing job. Just go ahead & peel off the butter paper and stick the Elecstar – PRES to the damaged surface & paint if required. 


ELECSTAR - BB 0010 Further to augment our Elecstar range of products. Presenting herewith Elecstar BB 0010, a unique brushable insulating coating, the details are as follows:  Elecstar BB 0010 is all new, insulating brushable coating. The R-Y-B colours are separately available which are to be mixed into product before application.  Elecstar BB 0010 can be applied for insulation of bas bars or for repairing of damaged bus bars. 

Elecstar – PS 0011:

Elecstar – PS 0011 Seals the gaps in the panel externally.  Elecstar PS 0011 is in paste form and is provided with a plastic dispenser bottle. Pour the content of the plastic bag into the dispenser bottle and press down into the door gaps.


ELECSTAR B.T.P. BATTERY TERMINAL PROTECTOR. Elecstar range of products is designed to solve the problems in the factories & shop floors.  Elecstar range not only solves the problems but will not allow the reoccurrence of the same. Elecstar BTP is one such products which is designed to solve the perennial problem of battery terminal sulphation which occurs in every available battery.


ELECSTAR - CCS 02 CCS-02 is a unique contact cleaner spray  The salient features & benefits of Elecstar CCS-02 are:  1 ) Absolutely environmentally friendly products – non-chlorinated, non alcoholic. 2) Cleans electrical contacts of contactors, motors, fuses, relay etc.  3) Extends the life of electrical equipments.  4) Avoids arcing & prevents burn up due to overheating.  5) A must for effective preventive maintenance. 


X-CEED – 520 PROTECT YOUR NUTBOLTS. Features: 1 ) Brushable , easy to apply gel, consistency product. 2 ) Offers absolute protection. 3 ) Tried – tested product. 4 ) Plant wide application.

Contact Us:

Contact Us OFFICE ADDRESS 1, Ground floor, Jeevan Prem - B, Dharmveer Marg , Behind SBI, Panchpakhadi , Thane (W) 400 602, Maharashtra, India. PHONE CALL + 91 9594481816 + 91 22 2533 3070 + 91 22 2536 6774

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