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Something Wiki This Way Comes : 

Something Wiki This Way Comes Shiori Hasegawa

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January 15, 2001: Wikipedia posts its first entry Person in responsible Jimmy Wales Co-founder and promoter of Wikipedia

Profile : 

Profile Born in August17, 1966 He took his first job in finance and worked as a research dierctor of Chicago futures. Provided Nupedia in 2000 2001, Larry Sanger and he founded Wikipedia together. He now lives in San Francisco with his wife.

Educational Background : 

Educational Background He attended a small university preparatory school and earned: Bachelor's degree And Master’s degree in finance While in graduate school, he taught at two universities

Description and the impact : 

Description and the impact Contains 14 million articles have been written by volunteers around the world All of its articles can be edited by anyone with access to the website Largest and most popular encyclopedia Large impact on Education because people started using it for research project or assignments. But information in Wikipedia is not accurate since the data is not based on official information.

Awards : 

Awards Young Global Leaders – 2007 Business Process Award- Oct 30 2008 The Nokia Foundation Annual Award- Nov 4, 2009

Interesting facts : 

Interesting facts 1. He took his job in Finance in Chicago motors 2. He has married twice 3. As a child, Jimmy was a keen leader who dragged everybody.

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Wikipedia Commercial



Toni Schneider : 

Toni Schneider February 16. 2003: Web mail service Oddpost debuts. Person in responsible Toni Schneider CEO of ODDPOST

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Description and impact The first e-mail grogram in the world. Hotmail, g-mail and yahoo mail were created after odd post. Huge impact on social life because people does not need to send letters, which takes long time to arrive, anymore. Award Crunchies- 2008

What he is doing now… : 

What he is doing now… Automattic - As a CEO True Venture - As a Venture Partner Bandcamp - As a board member Backtype - As an advisor

Interesting Facts : 

Interesting Facts 1. He loves cars 2. He is interested in Biodiesel fuel

Bibliography : 

Bibliography "Jimmy Wales." Wikipedia. Web. <>. "Jimmy Wales on what's next for Wikipedia." Web. <,39024667,39626372-2,00.htm>. "Toni Schneider." Toni .org. Web. <>.

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