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Applicants apply in person to the Admissions Department workplace at Shihezi University. Candidates may in addition contact the official representative of the university, China MBBS institution by email at [email protected]


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MBBS Study in China for Indian Students – How to Apply The MBBS study in China has become one of the most popular methods for Indian students to pursue a better education in their medical study. Graduates of the MBBS courses in China will usually have a good reputation in the medical industry with a promising career for those who pursue this education. However many Indian students dont know how to apply for the MBBS study in China and often get misled by various consultants that only want to take advantage of your ignorance. In order to apply for the MBBS study in China Indian students need to take a look at the information provided by the Indian Ministry of Education. Every year they published a list of authorized medical schools that Indian students can apply to. So you can check the website of Indian Ministry of Education to find more information about this. Once youve found the authorized institutions for you to attend to you need to take a look at the admission requirements for each institution. Remember that each medical school will have a different admission requirements for Indian students to apply. You need to become an eligible applicant in order to be admitted in one of these medical schools. Do not pick the medical school that is not listed in the Indian Ministry of Education since it might have a shady reputation and it might be not good for you. You can also apply to one of these universities through an agent which will help you to prepare all the requirements for you to be admitted as an Indian student in that university. However it will cost you some money to pay for the agent. If you choose to use an agent as your way to apply to the medical

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university that you choose be sure to choose an agent that already has a good reputation since some of the education agents or consultants that you find will only exploit money from you. Be sure that you are capable of paying all the tuition fees and living expenses while you are studying in China since it is prohibited for Indian students to work to earn money in China. Therefore you need to have all the financial support that is needed before getting admitted in one of these universities. Also the Indian Ministry of Education is prohibiting any Indian students from transferring to another medical school or university in the middle of their MBBS study in China. So you should only choose the medical university that you really want to attend to. Email Us:- servicechinambbs.org Send us a comment or recommend an improvement to China MBBS services. affiliateschinambbs.org For any affiliate/agency inquiries. Head Quarters :- Qing Dao Shi Shi Bei District Han Kou Road 168hao 1dan yuan China - 266071 T E L : - China : +86-18678985218 / +86-18253283680 India : +91-09892535618 FAX : +86-532-83621019 Email : infochinambbs.org