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Opening for HR Manager Jobs in the US


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Opening for HR Manager Jobs in the US :

Opening for HR Manager Jo bs in the US


HR is one of the finest field in any company, the job demands you to have hard-working and creative skills and a person who puts a lot of effort. At the same time, this job role is very important as it plays the role of fetching a good employee to the company. The payment of this job starts from $50000 which falls to the maximum of $100000 on the yearly basis, the salary range totally depends on your performance at the work.

Eligibility Criteria: :

Eligibility Criteria: Education: Bachelor/ Master Degree in HR Work Experience: Experienced Extra Skills: Should be Creative and Innovative Employment Type: Full-Time


If you are other country citizens all you should have with you is a perfect Valid Visa for Work Authorization. At the time of your recursion, you should have your visa which should be economically taken care of you.

HR Manager Opening Areas: :

HR Manager Opening Areas: Presently the job is open at few places in the US, which is as follows, Atlanta Houston Chicago Los Angeles Dallas


If you are interested in this opening and checks out “yes” for all the above criteria then apply for the job with the link provided HR Manager jobs in Atlanta . To get HR Manager jobs at any other available location, do follow the link localjobs.sulekha , get to know in detail by setting your location.

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