Learn Business English to Develop your Speaking Skills in Surat

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Sheetal Academy gives you an opportunity to learn Business English in Surat and Online to hone your Personality Development and English Speaking Skills


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Siplifig Seie LEARNING BUSINESS ENGLISH Eail Tehial Naigato Boadastg

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SHEETAL ACADEMY INSTITUTE….  Three-quarters of the worlds mail telexes and cables are in English.  More than half of the worlds technical and scientifc periodi- cals are in English.  English is the medium for 80 of the information stored in the worlds computers.  English is the language of navi- gation aviation and of Christi- anity.  Five of the largest broadcasting companies in the world CBS NBC ABC BBC and CBC trans- mit in English reaching mil- lions and millions of people all over the world. BUSINESS ENGLISH PREVALENT What is Busiess Eglish Busiess Eglish refers to the Eglish laguage used i iteratoal trade or usiess. It is a speialized aea of the Eglish laguage leaig ad teahig eause it is lagel atiuted to o -ate Eglish speakes ho stud the sujet to ehae thei haes of doig usiess ith opaies fo Eglish speakig ou- ties. Busiess Eglish a efe to the stud of usiess Eg- lish oaula used i the felds of tade usiess fae o iteatoal elatos. If the stud fouses o tehiues o usiess pesetatos egotatos oespodee itg ad othe kills eeded fo usiess ouiatos the it a e lassifed as the stud of Busiess Eglish ouia- to skills i the okplae. Gies the Eglish laguage a lot of eooi poer. People ho out Eglish as thei othe togue ake up less tha of the olds populato. Its tue. I fat the easiest a to alulate the eooi ifu- ee of a laguage a e to add up the goss doest poduts GDP of all the atos hee it is spoke. People ho out Eg- lish as thei othe togue ake up less tha of the olds populato ut possess oe of the olds eooi poe. Theefoe i tes of the uatt of tasited ifoato Eg- lish is the leade fa. You outsoue ou podut deelopet fo a Aeia ustoe to a Italia edo hos atuall usig Idia otatos. Gloalizato is eehee ad the laguage of gloalizato is Eglish --Busiess Eglish.

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WHAT COURSES CAN BE TAKEN Thee ae a usiess Eglish ouses that ou a take. Fo eaple Busiess Eglish Couses: Eglish Jo iteies Busiess Coespodee Pesetatos i Eglish Witg Re- sue Witg ad Busiess Eglish Negotato Meetgs Telephoig Soializig ad othe siila ouses. Thee ae a olie Eglish ad Busiess Eglish ouses soe hih use Skpe ad othes that use a itual lassoo poidig lessos. BENEFITS OF THE COMPANY The eefts to the opa ae a. Foeig opaies a ipoe the Eglish of loal hies sie ost ouiato ill poal e i Eglish. Loal opaies a ipoe ouiatos ith foeig liets ad supplies. You eploees ill e happie eause the ill e oe ofotale talkig ith liets o sup- plies i Eglish. The liets ad suppli- es ill e happie eause thee ill e fee poles aused iso- uiato. BUSINESS LEVERAGE ::: The apid goth i teholog fo gloal ouiatos otithstad- ig thee ae stll a opaies ad idiidual pofessioals ho fail i thei uest fo usiess o pofessioal suess. Ad ofetes the failue piail lies o oe of the ost asi foudatos of akig usi- ess elatos - the laguage spoke. Udoutedl the Eglish laguage is the gloal laguage fo usiess ad haig a good oad of Eglish ill defitel gie oe ho is eeig gloall opette usiess o aee a lea edge. A ouiatos pole hethe pesoal o usiess taslates to losses zeo esult i egotatos iopetee fo gloal usiess o ill just sipl leae ou ill -euipped to a out iteatoal usiess. CAREER GROWTH ::: Goig do o a oe pesoal leel of aee suess haig the ight Busiess Eglish ouiato skills ill suel euip ou ith a lie- atg ofdee ad ailit to epess ouself i the Eglish laguage. It ill suel e a adatage i iteies thus giig ou oe oppotu- ites to ide ou aee pospets. O if ou ae ot lookig fo a e jo haig the ofdee ad ailit to speak Busiess Eglish is oe a of ehaig ou potetal fo ea- ig akig ou stad out fo aee adaeet o pootos. Studies sho a stead goth i the ue of opaies oldide euiig eploees ho hae iligual skills. SHEETAL ACADEMY INSTITUTE

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You should ot e afraid of Eglish just eause youre ot a ate speaker. Prate akes perfet. Do ot e afraid to iest i yourself. Ma usiesse hae efeed aious "Busiess Eglish Books" ut hae ot ee ale to get uh out of it eause of lak of pope guidae ad koledge. But at Sheetal Aade as ou all ko thigs ae difeet. We hae po- fessioall desiged " Busiess Eglish Course Material " ith a oplete patal appoah ad ipleetato. Ma tes hile ouiatg ia eails also oe faes poles oth i tes of udestadig the otet ad eplig. Sheetal Aadey s Busiess Eglish ouse also iludes Eail itg skills euied gaa ad usiess oaula. So please dot ait futhe ad joi the est Busiess Eglish Couse i Suat aailale ol at Sheetal Aade Spoke Eglish. We hope ou koledge sste ad eseah ill ig foth ou uh heished goal. NEED TO CONCLUDE THE INTERVIEW... SHEETAL ACADEMY st Floo Sutaia Buildig Opp. Bahuadi Net to Me ad Mu Napua Suat -9 +9 99 -7 sheetalaadesuatgail.o otatussheetalaadesuat.i .sheetalaadesuat.i

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