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A Reflection of my China Experience:

Shawna Laity A Reflection of my China Experience

What I Observed…:

Culturally Musically In music education Interactions with Dr. Killian and TTU delegation What I Observed…


Culturally Food Shopping Architecture/Art Pandas Religion


Musically Music rooted in culture and tradition Music appears to be a highly social event Young musicians use the traditional music but find a way to make it unique to them

In Music Education:

In Music Education Student responsible for their own success at the University Teacher/lecture centered learning is prominent Similarities in teaching techniques between China and the United States

Interactions with Dr. Killian and TTU Delegation:

Interactions with Dr. Killian and TTU Delegation Elements of American music that was interesting from a Chinese perspective Gifts/And honors bestowed upon us Lectures and teaching examples that seemed to be well received

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