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Digital  Board   and Shareholder   Management Shaparency


About Us Shaparency is a platform, underpinned by blockchain, that transforms a company's board and shareholder operations. Through digitising & automating key functions like; meetings, voting, documents and communication so they happen all in a cloud based secure and 100% accountable environment. Shaparency saves time and money for company secretaries, CEOs and boards.


Paperless Boards It’s 2020! It really is time to stop printing and scanning . Manage every part of your board meetings and shareholder communications in our secure cloud platform. Store all your documents, create templates, digital agendas and digital minutes plus much more .


Features of Board portal Company email and calendar integration Global task board Digital minute module Secure chat and communication Integrated conferencing Secure document storage and sharing

Slide5: Features of Shareholder portal One portal for all your company investments Sign documents Secure access to all information Chat, comment and ask questions Monitor company performance Attend meetings, vote, pass proxy’s



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