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Characteristics of a Good Six Sigma Project The project is clearly connected to business priorities. Thus if one chooses to do a six sigma project a real life problem has to be taken from the organization which will be of benefit to the organization. A business case can form a basis for taking up a six sigma project. Once implemented the six sigma project has to eradicate and minimize the problem that is eating into the organization's profits/production. The problem that has been picked up in the six sigma project has to be of major importance to the organization. Thus one needs to select a problem that is really plaguing the organization and making the management concerned about it. The ultimate aim of the project has to be increase in the efficiency and productivity of the organization. The project that one is taking up should have a reasonable scope that is should be possible to complete that project in a specific time period of 3-6 months. The results that one has predicted should come up within that time span and the project should not linger on for ever. The selection of people working on the project matters most as they will be the ones who will make the project see the dawn of day.

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There should be fixed parameters and measureable quantities to define the success of the project. All the quantitative measures of success have to be predefined. These quantities have to be communicated to each and everyone so that all people strive to reach those quantities to achieve those desired results. The Project's Importance is clear to one and all in the organization. All people involved with the project have to be committed and convinced for the success of the project and each one should have complete knowledge about the tools and techniques employed in six sigma. The Project should have the support and approval of the management. The Top management have to be pioneers for a particular six sigma project. All Management improvement programs have to flow from top to bottom and the vision and mission has to be created by the top management in consultation with the middle management after getting feedbacks and inputs from the lowest ranked staff member. Author writes on Online Certification Programs and Online Certification Training. See more articles from author on six sigma black belt certification , online certification programs, six sigma green belt certification ,six sigma certification online, professional project management certification, six sigma certification and project management certification by visiting -

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