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Shannon McDonald History Of Music


Genre Rock and roll Doo Wop P op , swing R hythm and blues Blues Country This was the general time of the rock and roll genre that mainly original in the United States. This was played for audiences live for their main entertainment as well as swing, rhythm, blues and country . Elvis Presley Elvis Presley started singing at a church choir with his parents when he was a young boy. He moved to different places in his child hood but finally made his first performance. The audience were impressed with not only his singing but his outfit of wearing glasses and standing on a chair to reach the microphone. When he got a guitar, he started learning the cords and performing and soon people were influenced by Presley's music and became international.   1950’s


Subgenres of rock R oots rock Elements of folk music Blues Country Rock 'n' roll This genre of this generation was the time of creativity and innovation. The music evolved more around politics rather than going back to the love and sentimental music . 1960’s The Beatles 1960s They were an English rock and pop band who are knows as the foremost and influential act of the rock era. They were hugely influence from Elvis Presley’s music. The Beatles gave a new image on the rock genre and they liked experimenting with several music styles which therefore, captured a whole different audience. Overall, The Beatles have had a huge impact un the history of music and are still being played by different generations over the years.  


Disco F unk S mooth jazz J azz fusion Soul Punk rock Disco was one of the biggest genres of this decade mainly from mid-late 70s. The 70s were a golden era for vinyl records as nearly everyone had record players so they were quite cheap to buy. Moreover, as more and more music became available, the listeners would listen to more so therefore resulted in a wider range of genres . 1970’s James Brown 1970s James Brown was an American singer with a genre of funk, soul and R&B. he is well known for his unique vocal and music styles. His music was related mostly to his life so therefore, if people wanted to know who James Brown was then all they had to do was to listen to his music.  


Dance music and new wave Post-disco Most of the 80s music is still being constantly listened to now in this current generation from people who grew up in the 80s to the passing down of this genre and generation. The synthesizer (allows musicians to explore sounds by a machine) was a huge explored item that singers at that time were using to make their background music and this sounded slightly funky and it meant that there was more echo and definition in the song except their voices . 1980’s Madonna and Michael Jackson 1980s Madonna was very famous for both her singing style and her looks. She was an American singer and actor. Her singing career was very healthy and she managed to release 83 singles and was very famous not just in America but also worldwide. Her genre was pop and this was easily determined by her distinct voice and clothing she wore. Michael Jackson was also an American pop singer of the same era. He was referenced as the ‘King of Pop’. Jackson was well known for his music with all of the spooky but related styles from the musical equipment's he used. Alternatively he was also known for his figure change and belief. He was the most successful entertainer of all time and more as there were more developed instruments and dance, this meant that there was a fresh audience.  


Rap Reggae C ontemporary R&B Blended with styles such as soul, funk and jazz This was the inspiring generation in music as there were a variety of different genres and this was the generation that introduced alternate sub genres. The instruments and equipment for music were more affordable which gave more singers the opportunity . 1990’s Bob Marley Bob Marley was a Jamaican signer who focused in the genre of reggae. Developed vocals and harmonies were used and most of his music was naturally his voice. Keyboards and guitars were used a lot throughout this era.  


Hip hop Pop punk Emo rock post-hard-core metal-core I ndie rock This genre was developing a whole new style of how to use and understand technology. This was good to create a variety of styles throughout different bands and solo artists. 2000’s Jay Z is an American rapper and he focuses on the genre of hip hop. He is the most financially successful hip hop artists in America having sold more than 100 million records. In his early years he tried composing in the rock genre as he thought this would relate more to his feelings but then turned to hip hop has this was best at this genre.


Wave synthpop E lectronic music A lternative music I ndie music Dance music This era of music was very much party music that go the mood. It was also good for people to sing along to as they were very catchy songs. There were a lot of variety bands and solo artists but these all have individual, distinctive sounds that people could determine them with. 2010’s Elly Jackson from La Roux focuses her music on the genre of English synthpop as the dominant musical instrument. This then creates a wide range of notes that can be edited to make sound. She was well known for her song ‘Bulletproof’ in 2009. Jackson is a famous singer who won a Grammy Award for two of her most well known songs.


Pop Alternate rock A lot of instruments are used in the modern pop era of music and this is to make the vocals of the singers become a higher performance but also to enhance the background effects of the some. Modern 2016’s British music is the main trend of modern music and this is from the dance and party genre . There are designated recording studios that are used to gather the correct the equipment used in order to make any song a success. The synthesizer is the most popular instrument in this era of music in particularly in the genre of pop. A synthesizer is an electronic musical instrument. This generates electric signals that are converted to sound through instrument amplifiers and loudspeakers or headphones. It can enhance or deduct instruments that could be used and this creates so many different sounds that can be manipulated.


From this I was able to pick out that most of the famous singers of the history of music are mostly American. This means that America was the main country who starred the trends off in the generations. However, England now have a very famous trait for pop music and the different vocals and musical equipment used. My opinion on the history of music is that it has changed dramatically throughout the generations and has somewhat, improved in all of the vast and developed equipment used to make someone's voice sound better and the beat of the song. Overall, I prefer the beginning era of music such as Elvis Presley and The Beatles as they had a more natural voice which meant that they were true singers who started the whole genres of music. Unlike the music in the 21st century who are beginning to sound the same . My Opinion


History of Rock The 1960's - Expanding The Boundaries of Rock using different instruments that were slightly improved such as the amplified electric guitar and a drum kit The 1980's - CD's, Synths, and MTV (Music TV) which is where the rock industry became successful The 1990's - The Internet and Digital Music was affordable and used throughout the world. Rock became interesting and varied with heavy metal to alternate rock that included sub genres. Fact Gramophone record (vinyl record) began at an early age of 1659 Vinyl records started to be introduced by Columbia Records in 1948 and in 1659 was the first ever record released Vinyl's went on until the 20th century when there was then digital technology. The 1950’s - The birth of rock ‘n’ roll which started off as a small industry . The 1970’s – rock becomes very popular and well known so the business of rock starts and heavy metal was large

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