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FOOD CART FRANCHISING BUSINESS Business opportunity for o.f.w , employees, unemployed & housewife who want AN EXTRA INCOME

Company profile:

Company profile 7G Consultancy & Business Development Services Inc. is registered in Securities and Exchange Commission (S.E.C) under the Philippine Law as corporation. Two (2) types of Services: Visa Consulting. Food Cart Franchising Business. Visa Consulting - Over the years we have been successful in sending Filipino students overseas such as UK, New Zealand, Australia, and Norway. Food Cart Franchising Business - But at this time, we are expanding our services to cater the Filipino community who wish to establish their own traditional business at a very low capitalization, less stressful and yet profitable.

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Securities & Exchange Commission And Bureau of Internal Revenue Certificates

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Factors that you have to consider if you want to Start your own business….:

Factors that you have to consider if you want to Start your own business…. Business operation. Products Supplier Equipment materials Location Business Permits Conceptualization

Why food cart business???:

Why food cart business??? Low capitalization. High and profitable of return of investment (ROI). Highly consumable. Basic needs. No construction cost. Food industry is never ending opportunity.

Investment and initial return of investment…:

Investment and initial return of investment… Food cart franchising business is worth of Php50, 000 as a regular price. The inclusions listed the following below: Brand New Food Cart – 2 in 1 concept package ( “L” 4ft x “W” 2ft x “H” 6ft) . Complete Cooking Equipment’s. Business Operation Assistance. Location Assistance. Training of Staff/ Crew. Business Permit Assistance. Personal Accident Insurance. Php35, 000 as a promo price

Business opportunity…:

Business opportunity… Sample Product Menu: Buko Mist & It’s my Siopao Buko Juice- 12oz & 16oz Buko Shake- 12oz & 16oz (5 flavors) Buko Dessert- Salad, Pandan, etc.. Siopao- Asado & Bola bola Other Products: Soft drinks, Sandwich, Cigarettes, etc… Food cart daily sales- Php3, 000 (conservative) Php3, 000 ÷ 8hours = Php375.00 (target sales per hour) Php3, 000 x 30days = Php90, 000 (monthly gross sale) Php600 x 30days = Php18, 000 (net monthly income)

Monthly sales income:

Monthly sales income Profit margin: 70% is the product expenses like food, sauce, bottle, etc… 30% is your net income (conservative) Php90, 000 x 30% = Php27, 000 (main product) Php18, 000 (other product) Php45, 000 (gross monthly income) Monthly Expenses: Rental: Php7, 000 Electricity: Php2, 000 Water: Php200 Labor: Php6, 000 Total: Php15, 200 Monthly Net Income: Php45, 000 - Php15, 200 Php29, 800 (net income per month) x 12 months Php357, 600 (annual income)

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INVESTMENT Php35, 000 Can pay in full or instalment basis. Bank loan assistance is also available. BRAND NEW FOOD CART – 2 in 1 concept package. COMPLETE COOKING EQUIPMENTS – i.e : blender, steamer, etc… BUSINESS OPERATION ASSISTANCE. LOCATION ASSISTANCE. TRAINING OF STAFF/ CREW – i.e : food handling & safety, costumer service. Business Permit Assistance – i.e : DTI, etc… Personal Accident Insurance - Worth of Php100, 000, and Php10, 000 of medical reimbursement. INITIAL RETURN OF INVESTMENT BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY (long term R.O.I) Monthly Net Income: Php45, 000 - Php15, 200 Php29, 800 (net income per month) x 12 months Php357, 600 (annual income) 3 WAYS OF EARNINGS Franchising Business. Distributorship. Referral incentives.

Contact details:

Contact details 0922.776.3532/ 0916.327.2757 Email address: [email protected]consultancy.com Please like us on Facebook ; 7g food cart franchising business