How to Choose the Best Dental Crown for

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How to Choose the Best Dental Crown for Your Smile :

How to Choose the Best Dental Crown for Your Smile

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With so many options to restore a tooth, it can be hard to decide. While your dentist can best guide you, it’s helpful to know the types of crowns typically used in tooth repair. Some options are designed for durability, while others are crafted to blend in with the natural look of existing teeth.   Metal Crowns   Two types of metal-only crowns are used by dentists: stainless steel and metal alloys. Stainless steel crowns are inexpensive, mostly appropriate for children’s teeth that are eventually expected to fall out. In contrast, metal alloy crowns permanently restore form and function to a damaged tooth. These crowns are commonly used for back molars, as they stand up well to repetitive chewing and biting.

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Porcelain and Ceramic Crowns   Designed to match the natural color of your teeth, porcelain and ceramic crowns are a great option for visible teeth. Additionally, they are a wonderful solution for people with metal allergies.   All-Resin Crowns   All-resin crowns are less expensive than most other kinds. Because they can be installed onto either front or back teeth, they are rather versatile.  

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Porcelain Fused to Metal Crowns   Crowns constructed of porcelain fused to metal offer both aesthetics and sturdiness. The porcelain top is attached to a metal base, offering the look of ordinary teeth with added strength.   Knowing your options can help you and your dentist decide what’s best for restoring your teeth. Visit this website to learn more about dental crowns in Apex.

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