How To Find The Best Cost For Professional SEO Services In India


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Marketing decisions these days revolve more around the social media & SEO rather than other conventional options. But how can they find reasonably priced services? Read more to know how to find the best cost for professional SEO services in India.


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How To Find The Best Cost For Professional SEO Services In India Modern business sensibilities are changing. Entrepreneurs now have the entire world open in front of them to reach out to courtesy of the internet. Marketing decisions these days revolve more around the social media and SEO rather than other conventional options. In this race to reach to the top how can a business owner decide that the cost he/she is paying for the best SEO services in India is truly justified How can they find the most reasonably priced services that will ensure quality and results without having to clean out their marketing budget. At first you may want to understand the different payment models you might find out there in the market for SEO services. Let’s check them out: Hour based consulting This payment scheme is most popular with freelance service providers whose business model is slight unstructured as compared to the search engine optimization companies in India. This is a fixed hourly rate that a consultant may charge you for their services and they will usually indicate the man-hours required for the project before signing up for it. The cost will range from 19.99 to 199.99 per hour and it varies depending on number of factors such as region size of the company promotions etc. Project based pricing This format of SEO service pricing is applicable in case you have a pre-define goal in your mind and are willing to hire an SEO company to achieve the same. Online reputation management campaigns are the most prominent example of such projects. The costing is determined after thorough analysis of the work involved in the project and the time required to achieve it. Generally there is a 30-40 down payment and the rest in predefined milestones. Monthly services Then there are campaigns that have more perpetual goals such as gaining more traffic for a website or increasing online conversions. These are long terms goals that require constant work and tweaking of the campaign strategy form time to time. In such cases most SEO services in India consider charging clients on a monthly retainer format. The frequent monthly range is from 499.99 to 1499.99. In this model clients pay a set fee for each month in exchange of a group of services. The services are more of a contractual nature with scheduled reviews from time to time to ascertain return from investment for the client business. Monthly retainer planning usually includes with regular analytics reports on-site content improvements press releases link building keyword research and optimization etc. You can make an informed decision about the best deal for you only when you understand the different costing models for SEO services. As for finding the best fit for your campaign remember the following tips:  Set a realistic budget and goal for yourself beforehand  Don’t be afraid to shop around for different service providers  Don’t finalize the deal until you are fully comfortable with what you ate getting into  Remember that cheap doesn’t always mean better  Pick a service provider based on verifiable service quality rather than cost

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