4 Important Factors to Consider Before Buying an Electric Car Charging

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4 Important Factors to Consider Before Buying an Electric Car Charging Station Investing in an electric car charging station is a critical step to having a more environment-friendly business or establishment. It shows that you care about customers or employees who have hybrids or an electric car too. However buying an electric car charging station is a big decision that requires you to look into certain factors. That way you can be sure that you can purchase a high-quality product that is most efficient for your needs. Take note of these four important factors before buying an electric car charging station: 1. Types of charging – Basic electric car charging stations can deliver level 1 charging or 120 volts which means the EV is plugged into a household electrical socket resulting in 4.5 miles per hour of charging and accomplishing a full charge in 22 hours. Level 2 charging 240 volts enables quicker charging but it will require an electrical component that can handle the voltage and an EVSE unit. DC fast charging may complete a full charge in 30 minutes but it may not be supported by earlier models of EVs. 2. Types of connectors and plugs – Identify the types of EVs that are commonly used by your employees or customers to make sure that they can be supported by the electric car charging station. Tesla is the standard connector in Tesla vehicles and SAE J1772 is the standard plug for EVs in the US. The latter can be used for AC level 1 or 2 charging stations. CHAdeMO is a connector that is used in fast charging stations usually supporting Japanese electric cars by Toyota Fuji Mitsubishi and Nissan. 3. The EV Charging station management platform – Superior electric car charging stations make you qualified for a program that can make it easier and smarter to manage each station. Using this platform you should find it easier to log into your account and determine who is using the station the duration of the charge the amount of revenue you are generating the amount of electricity being used and many other factors. 4. The provider – Buy an electric charging station only from a reputable and established provider of EV amenities in the US. A provider should be working towards LEED certification too which is the global standard that evaluates a product’s impact and sustainability in the environment. Electric Vehicles Charging Station Smart Car Charging Stations EV Charging Solutions | SemaConnect

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