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The best way to application development is to begin in the future and stay there. Node.js web development is one of the most exceptional frameworks as it renders the prominent benefit of developing scalable network web apps speedily.


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I s N o d e . j s A p p D e v e l o p m e n t T h e R i g h t C h o i c e F o r Y o u r A p p l i c a t i o n I n 2 0 2 1

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Are you the one who came after exposing to so much hype around Node.js worldwide Not just the big enterprises even the small-scale enterprises have adopted the way and migrated to Node.js app development. Undoubtedly Node.js mobile apps power up businesses with high speed and performance. Now the way you stumble makes you research more about Node.js app development. Do you know the world-known giants like Uber Netflix and even NASA use Node.js

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For those who are unknown to this beautiful term Netflix is the topmost worlds largest media streaming provider and recently discloses that it has around 74.38 million paying streaming subscribers in the United States and Canada. In fact the number of subscribers in that zone made around half the number of paying customers in America but during 2020 and 2021 Netflixs subscriber base in APAX get doubled. 1 . N e t f l i x :

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2 . P a y P a l : PayPal is no more behind and also comes under the companies that shifted to Node.js applications for better performance. They moved its entire backend working environment to Node.js backend while taking the risk in that time when it was not such a popular language i.e. in 2012. In fact its Director of Engineering in one of its interviews revealed that PayPals websites were under technical debt.

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3 . L i n k e d i n : You know Linkedin mobile application backend is built upon Node.js. The company has shifted from Ruby on Rails to Node.js due to the best scaling and performance efficiency.

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Due to the increasing number of connections on Uber they had to create a real-time architecture. For the people unknown to Uber it is an ever-growing platform that expands the number of users every quarter of the year and is currently serving a number of countries worldwide. 4 . U b e r :

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5 . T w i t t e r : Twitter can also be seen among the social networking platform that used Node.js. For the people unknown to Twitter it is an American news and social networking platform for sharing thoughts on different discussions around the world. In 2017 Twitter re-wrote the Twitter mobile website i.e. Twitter Lite to make users receive a much better and faster experience sharing the messages onto the platform.

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See how Node.js app development and tactics have solved quite a long list of the top organizations that were in the middle of something to achieve heights. Some of them made relevancy with the platforms and some of them have a focus on resource utilization. R e s o u r c e g/node-js-app-development/