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fun jeopardy game about energy! :) great for classroom use!


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Jeopardy Game:

Jeopardy Game Edition 1 Energy Teams of 3

Jeopardy Edition 1:

Jeopardy Edition 1 TODAY’S FUN ZONE: Make a team name! Directions: split up into teams of 3 and answer the questions to earn points. The team that has the most points at the end is the winner!!!

Today’s Categories::

Today’s Categories: …

Examples of Energy:

Examples of Energy Category 1

Types of Energy:

Types of Energy Category 2

True or False:

True or False Category 3


Definitions Category 4

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Examples of Energy Types of Energy True or False Definitions 100 200 200 200 100 100 100 400 400 400 200 300 300 300 300 400

Congratulations!! You are an energy master!!!:

Congratulations!! You are an energy master!!!


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Examples of Energy- 100:

Examples of Energy- 100 Question: Which is an example of kinetic energy? A. A water bottle sitting B. A car in motion C. An apple growing ANSWER: What is: B *NEXT CLICK REVEALS ANSWER!!!*

Examples of Energy-400:

Examples of Energy-400 Question: If a semi was driving along the road at a speed of 56 mph, and a car was also going 56 mph, who is going faster and has the most kinetic energy???? Answer: What Is: the semi The more weight an object has, the more kinetic energy it has while moving.

Examples of Energy-200:

Examples of Energy-200 Question: If a pen was sitting on a table, what kind of energy is it using? Answer: what is Potential Energy

Examples of Energy-300:

Examples of Energy-300 Question: Provide an example of mechanical energy. Answer: What is anything that is associated with the motion and position of an object.

Types of Energy-100:

Types of Energy-100 Q: List four types of energy. ANSWER: what is Thermal energy , Kinetic energy, Chemical energy, Electric energy, Radiant energy , Nuclear energy, Magnetic energy, Elastic energy, Sound energy, Mechanical energy, or Luminous energy

Types of Energy-200:

Types of Energy-200 Q:How many types of energy are there? REMEMBER: You can click the home button below to get to the game board!!! ANSWER: What is 10

Types of Energy-300:

Types of Energy-300 Question: This type of energy is used when movement or motion is involved. ANSWER: what is kinetic energy

Types of Energy-300:

Types of Energy-300 Q: This type of energy is used to keep warm, or involves heat. ANSWER: Thermal Energy

True or False-100:

True or False-100 True or false: Luminous energy is produced by light. TRUE!!! The prefix lumin- means light and the suffix – ous means full of, so luminous energy is produced by lots of light.

Types of Energy-400:

Types of Energy-400 Q- Complete the analogy and fill in the blank: Sun: lumin;_____: electromagnetic waves ANSWER: what is electricity

True or False-200:

True or False-200 True or False: Two people were jumping. One was jumping off a mountain, and the other was jumping off a 5 story high building. The person that jumps off the 5 story high building is going to land first. True or false? ANSWER: false!!! The higher the person is, the more kinetic energy they will have.

True or False-300:

True or False-300 True or False: An example of nuclear energy is a firework bursting. False!!! CHEMICAL energy is used, not Nuclear energy. Even though the firework e xplodes, chemicals in the fireworks c ause the explosions.

True or False-400:

True or False-400 True or False : When energy changes from one form to another, absolutely no energy is lost. FALSE, while energy cannot be destroyed, when it transforms from one form to another the law of entropy requires that some of that energy be turned into an "unusable" form.

Definitions- 100:

Definitions- 100 Define kinetic energy. Answer should be similar to the one below. noun the energy of a body or a system with respect to the motion of the body or of the particles in the system.


Definitions-200 Define radiant energy. Noun energy transmitted in wave motion, especially electromagnetic wave motion.


Definitions-300 Define elastic energy and provide an example. The energy that is stored inside an object that has the ability to be stretched and pulled. Examples: rubber bands, springs, etc.


Definitions-400 Define the law of conservation of energy. *easier than you think!!!* ANSWER: what is Conservation of energy.