Student Teaching Activity

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Fun activity for students to become the teacher!!!


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Student Teaching Activity:

Student Teaching Activity Volume 1

Each group of 6* splits up into days.:

Each group of 6* splits up into days. Three go one day, Three go the other. * Any even number, not just 6.

Teaching Topics :

Teaching Topics Math Decimals Adding decimals Fractions, +, -,/,* Ratios Subtractin g decimals Other things learned 1

Teaching Topics 2:

Teaching Topics 2 Language/ english Parts of speech (any 8) Phrases Clauses Genres Writing Anything else 2

Teaching Topics 3:

Teaching Topics 3 Science Matter, physics, measurements, technology, life science, Earth science, planets, physical/chemical properties, density, lab safety, or anything else learned. 3

Teaching Topics 4:

Teaching Topics 4 Social Studies Wars, famous people, constitution, native Americans, amendments, elections, Ancient Greek (s), countries, culture, etc. 4


Papers Make a template paper for students to create their own problem, or let them make one. Make 5-6 copies of it and hand them to the student that created it. EX paper: Teacher name:__________ Students: ____ _______ _______ ______ ______ _______ Directions: _____________________________________ 1. 2. 3. 4.

You can do what ever subject you want, those were just the main ones.:

You can do what ever subject you want, those were just the main ones. How to do the activity: Decide which 3 people go the first assigned day. Let teacher perepare . Pass out papers. Begin!