Constant Flows in writing

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a powerpoint on how to get your writing better!


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Constant Flows in writing:

Constant Flows in writing How to’s,quizzes and tips


Tips Use conjunctions (see conjunctions page) Keep sentence on topic. Have variety (see variety page) 2


Conjunctions How to use a conjunction: Example sentences: I walked my dog home. He was thirsty. You would merge it into one sentence by using a conjunction. (coordinating: FANBOYS) F~For A~and N~nor B~but O~or Y~yet S~so So our sentence would become: I walked my dog home FOR he was tired. OR.. I walked my dog home AND he was tired. 3


variety In a sentence, you want to have variety. Variety is when your sentence uses many words. Can you tell which sentence uses variety, which uses some,and which doesn’t?: ________________________________________________________ 1.) I walked the tired dog home. 2.) I slowly walked the tired sweaty dog home. 3.) I walked the tired dog home slowly. ANSWER KEY: 1.- no variety 2.-uses variety 3.No variety 4

Now, lets take a real quiz!:

Now, lets take a real quiz! What ARE THE COORDINATING CONJUNCTIONS? ANSWER KEY: For,and,nor,but,or,yet,so 5

What is variety?:

What is variety? Describe a definition In your own words. It should be similar to the actual definition. ANWER KEY: When a sentence uses lots of words that are descreptive . 6

PowerPoint Presentation:

Good job! That wasn’t so hard now was it? You are officially a master at constant flows in writing! 7