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This form of software has been around since the first man came up with this concept in the 60’s but the term wasn’t used until the 1990’s and then there was the recession which was not the ideal time for anything to get going including new software developments. Because of all this it may seem like a relatively new concept but the fact is that it is just now becoming popular even though it has existed for many years. What does it stand for BIM stands for Building Information Modelling. What it is used for This form of software is used for a variety of things. Typically a professional with previous experience in the field will conduct what are called surveys. These surveys will show the land before the new construction of a building or these surveys will mean taking surveys of the existing building. The information from these surveys is used to view a building from the time that it is constructed to the end of its life which would be demolition. New construction When the information is to look at the lay of the land it is typically used for new construction. The software can help construction companies determine how to build the building and can ensure that they have more than enough room for the construction of the building. Renovations Renovations are another way that this software is used. They can tell whether the building can support a new addition on the second floor and they can help a construction company

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design the building before beginning construction to ensure that it will all go according to plan. To meet deadlines BIM software is used by most architects and construction companies when they are on a tight schedule because of the accuracy. When construction companies hire someone for BIM software they know that they are going to be able to get the job done quicker. Using building information modelling software to design a building is by far the quickest most efficient way to get the job done. Selling and buying property Most building owners utilise this software and companies that are familiar with it so that they can keep records of everything to do with the building. This tells new owners about extensions and renovations use of the property and more important details that most people want to know before buying a new piece of property especially a new piece of commercial property. More teamwork Using BIM software is ideal for larger projects because all the information is stored in the software. This means that several different teams working on the same project can easily access the information making it easier for those teams to work together. Being able to collaborate and stay in touch is essential for the success of larger projects such as skyscrapers and unique buildings. BIM software has been around for years and it continues to improve as more and more technological advances are discovered. Building information modelling is quickly becoming the new way to design projects and more and more companies are utilising this method for increased teamwork and easier three-dimensional modelling. About Us: Scantech International is in Wales and England and currently offers services across six different sectors: transport train models railway surveys process plant surveys heritage and BIM surveys. They offer various methods of surveying buildings from laser scanning to measured building surveys. They also offer topographical surveys for those that need to see the land before a project and tunnel surveys to guarantee that they are safe before the workers head inside the tunnel. Their extensive service list is impressive and even includes drone surveys. There are various options for each sector that they work in to make sure that they have something to meet everyone’s needs.

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