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MINUTES Minutes are the official records of the business transacted at a meeting. Minutes act as an aid to memory and provides a basis for decision and action.

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Minutes of every meeting are approved by the members at the next meeting and signed by both the secretary and the chairman, they are considered very important records and preserved carefully. The style of minutes is impersonal and objective

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A. When called for a meeting : Delegate it. Feel it’s a waste of time. Feel skeptical about it. Regard it as necessary evils to get work done. B. During meeting : Sit near the door to exit. Felt totally frustrated. Don’t accomplish much. Sit at back to do something else or sleep.

Presentations Outline:

Presentations Outline Overview and introduction. Importance of an effective meeting. Planning a meeting. Conducting a meeting. Participating a meeting. Follow up work.

Overview and Introduction:

Overview and Introduction Meeting process has impact on outcome. Managing meeting is a set of skill. There’re many types of meeting. An expensive activity. Tend to be often overlooked. All meeting basic are the same.

Importance Of An Effective Meeting:

Importance Of An Effective Meeting To accomplish objective/s. To exchange & convey information. To organise & coordinate work. To solve problem. To make decision/s To brainstorm & get new idea/s. To collaborate interagency work.

Planning A Meeting:

Planning A Meeting I. Primary decision. II. Who does what? III. The agenda. IV. Pre-meeting preparation.

Primary decision :

Primary decision “Content vs Process” A. The Content 1. Is there a need for a meeting? 2. Determine what needs to be covered? 3. If there’s nothing to make decisions, etc, then there’s no need for a meeting.

Pre-meeting preparation :

Pre-meeting preparation Date & Time. Identify & Confirm Venue. Participants - identify, invite & inform them. Minutes, agendas & working papers. Equipments/Logistics. Refreshments. Transportation. Lodging. Pre-meeting discussion

Conducting A Meeting:

Conducting A Meeting I. The Chairperson. II. Facilitating decision. III. Ground rules. IV. Handling participants.

The Chairperson :

The Chairperson A. General Meetings are conducted by a supervisor. Stay out in front if you intend to lead/chair. Can delegate - dependent on meeting. Start on time and end on time. Ask for suggested agenda addition. State your role at the beginning. State what authority a group will have.

The Chairperson :

The Chairperson B. Main Function 1. Task function Keep the discussion on target. Inform and enforce “groundrules”. Get focus. Ensures action are assigned & follow up.

The Chairperson :

The Chairperson 2. Maintenance function Make sure everyone gets heard. Make sure people needs are met. Maintains control of the meeting flow. Handle & control participant/s well. Maintain momentum. Reach closure.

Facilitating decisions :

Facilitating decisions Pick one challenge at a time. Focus where things went wrong. Understand the problem, not assign blame. Brainstorm potential proposals/solution. Encourage tentative comment. Discuss pros and cons of different approaches. Use analysis techniques - SWOT, 4W1H. Find out where people agree and disagree. Assign further studies. Announce how & when decisions will be made.

Facilitating decisions :

Facilitating decisions Analyse & Understand Potential Proposal Potential Solution MEETING Decision Impasse

Ground rules :

Ground rules Only one person speaks at a time. No smoking in meeting room. No private/side conversation. Don’t interrupt each other. Everyone participates. Listen as an ally. Bio breaks as needed. Get closure and move forward. Start and end on time. Speak or ask direct to the point.

Participating A Meeting:

Participating A Meeting Good communication skills Listening Speaking/Contributing Disagreeing

Participating A Meeting:

Participating A Meeting Additional Tips Be prepared. Look confident and interested. Consider where you sit. Be cool.

Follow Up Work:

Follow Up Work Minutes of meeting. Meeting summary. Action taken. Meeting evaluation. Post-mortem.

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