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Automotive Opportunities in Sweden : 

Automotive Opportunities in Sweden Robert P Karlsson, Head of ISA Automotive/IVSS project

Swedish Vehicle Industry: 

Swedish Vehicle Industry 1.5% of the world car production 20% of the world truck production 15% of Swedish exports or USD 23 billion Employs 140,000 people Volvo Cars and PAG R&D center (Ford) Volvo Trucks (Renault Truck, Mack, Nissan Diesel) Saab Automobile (GM) Scania (largest owner is Volkswagen) Home to Autoliv, Haldex, SKF and SSAB More than 1,000 other suppliers


Volvo Cars Ford R&D center for safety, electronics, telematics Ford R&D center for hybrid car technologies Volvo Car Safety Center opened in 2000.  Saab Automobile GM R&D center for safety, HMI, telematics, cabrios, chassis system and turbo engines Volvo Trucks R&D center for Volvo Truck, Renault Truck, Mack Scania R&D center for all Scania technologies Autoliv R&D center for safety systems Center for Automotive R&D

Technology Hot Spot: 

Technology Hot Spot First production of fly-by-wire fighters for unstable fly mode in subsonic speed Pioneer in wireless and mobile communication systems Premium car developer and leadership in heavy truck design Technology areas of importance for intelligent vehicle design

Intelligent Safety Key Areas: 

Intelligent Safety Key Areas Vehicle safety Electronics platform design (Autosar) Communication platform design (Telematics) Knowledge available through Swedish consultant companies!

Great Tradition in Passive Safety: 

Great Tradition in Passive Safety Three-point seat belt (Volvo-1958) Seatbelts as standard feature (Saab-1962) Side impact protection (Saab, 1972) Airbags for trucks (Volvo, 1994) World's first side impact air bags (Volvo/Autoliv, 1995) Front underrun protection system, (Scania, 1996) Inflatable curtain for side impact head protection (Volvo/Autoliv, 1998) First active head restraint (Saab, 1998) First anti-whiplash seat (Volvo/Autoliv,1998) Whiplash protection system for rear-seat (Autoliv,1999)

The next generation of premium passenger cars will be controlled and managed by 80+ Embedded Systems.: 

The next generation of premium passenger cars will be controlled and managed by 80+ Embedded Systems. Powertrain: Engine Management Transmission Control Power Management Comfort Electronics: Thermal Management Chassis Control Parking Assistant Safety: Predictive Safety Systems Driver Assistance Systems Adaptive Cruise Control Electric Power Steering Infotainment: Telematics Solutions Car PC Wireless Connectivity Car-to-car communication Floating Car Data


Sven Ljungren, Chief Engineer Electrical March 2007

Example 1: 

Example 1

Example 2: 

Example 2

New buying patterns: 

New buying patterns

Working in a cluster: 

Working in a cluster

New generation software will integrate required functionality: 

New generation software will integrate required functionality

AUTOSAR – Automotive Open Software Architecture: 

AUTOSAR – Automotive Open Software Architecture © AUTOSAR

AUTOSAR – A Worldwide Consortium for Automotive Software: 

AUTOSAR – A Worldwide Consortium for Automotive Software © AUTOSAR

Swedish AUTOSAR Support Group: 

Swedish AUTOSAR Support Group More than 800 professional embedded software experts Offering AUTOSAR embedded SW services and products Development of Embedded SW for Tier-1 ECU manufacturer Integration of ECU HW and SW Adaptation of ECU to Swedish OEM electrical architecture Local Support services for remote suppliers Requirement specification and testing ENEA Consat Mecel QRtech

Remuneration of engineers 2005, total annual base salary plus bonuses and incentives, US$: 

Remuneration of engineers 2005, total annual base salary plus bonuses and incentives, US$ Source: IMD, 2006

Concentrated Cluster: 

Concentrated Cluster AUTOSAR Support Group

Telematics Valley : 

Telematics Valley Interest organization to support the telematics industry More than 50 companies and 1,000 telematics engineers 4 universities and institutes Microwave Road Interest organization to support the microwave industry 40 electronics and microwave companies 4 universities and institutes SAFER New competence center for vehicle safety systems and solutions Industry and university in cooperation at Lindholmen Science Park Will include 200 research engineers and test area for safety systems

Vehicle ICT : 

Intelligent Vehicle Safety Systems (IVSS) Swedish R&D program for intelligent vehicle safety solutions Budget $90 million (40% industry) during 2004-2008 Now running +60 projects with 6 “non-swedish” companies and 6 universities/institutes Open to foreign companies with a Swedish partner Vehicle ICT Swedish R&D program for vehicle telematics and electronics Budget $28 million (55% industry) during 2005-2008 Now running twenty industry led projects


IVSS Program Impaired Drivers Speed (Sense, Alert & Respond) Crashworthiness & Biomechanics Sensor-rich Embedded Systems Communication Platforms & Digital Road Maps Dependable & Fault Tolerant Systems Drugs Alcohol Distraction Drowsiness Road Conditions Performance Traffic Management Obstacle Detection IVSS Project Areas Injury Measurement Pedestrian Protection Body & Chassis


Major factors causing fatalities Drivers under the influence of alcohol: >50% of accidents with life-threatening and fatal injuries Drowsy drivers and drivers with reduced performance: 25% of all accidents Vulnerable road users (pedestrians and bicyclists): 30% of all killed in traffic accidents Road intersections and road junctions: 30-60% of all accidents with personal injuries High velocity differentials or insufficient distance: 25% of all fatal accidents Night time driving: 56% of fatal accidents occur at night or in wet conditions Source: EU-commission & Autoliv 2004


Best solutions for major problems Speed (20% of fatalities) ISA 30% of speed-related fatalities Speed Camera Control 25% Alcohol and drugs (16%) Alcohol Interlock 36% of related fatalities Seat belt (16%) Seat belt reminder 60% of related fatalities Fatigue (10%) ISA 20% of related crashes Driver condition monitoring 10% Meeting (10%) Emergency braking 60% of related crashes Pedestrians (7%) Night vision 40% of related crashes ISA 20%

Questions? Please contact :: 

Questions? Please contact : ISA Automotive/IVSS Taiwan Rita Huang Tel: +886 2 2757 6573 Ext.# 15 Mobile: +886 920 676 083 Email: [email protected] ISA Automotive/IVSS Sweden Robert P Karlsson Tel : +46 31 7647650 Mobile : +46 70 5814581 Email : [email protected]

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