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Coworking is certainly not just what we think. Not only do they provide comfort to businesses looking for a quick setup, but they also add value to their members' experience that goes beyond the workspace


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BENEFITS OF COWORKING SPACES FOR BUSINESSES How likely is it that a typical Bangalore person has heard of the term "coworking space" In the past two years alone coworking spaces have had a major impact on the Bangalore office however coworking spaces are often still conceived as simply a millennial fashion despite the crucial benefits of ​ coworking spaces for businesses. ​ . Coworking is certainly not just what we think. Not only do they provide comfort to businesses looking for a quick setup but they also add value to their members experience that goes beyond the workspace. In this article we will explain 3 ways in which coworking spaces can make a difference for the people who work there. 1. SENSE OF COMMUNITY Coworking space ​ is more than just a shared office space. Individuals and businesses from different industries get to work in the same environment potentially forging close relationships that would otherwise be impossible in the traditional office cabinet configuration. After all it is not easy to ignore the existence of the other if you work under the same roof share the same row of offices or knock in the pantry. As we all know the power of networking relevant workshops and community events held in co-working spaces act as catalysts for interaction allowing members to share knowledge ideas and connections after hours. Office.

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But how do you know if you are in a space with a strong sense of community What kind of space makes the difference Youll know youre on the right track when another member buys a box of ice cream to share with the rest of the community. As an old African proverb says: "If you want to go fast go alone. If you want to go far go together. The coworking spaces perfectly illustrate this mantra. 2. BALANCING WORK AND PLAY Many of us are drowned in our work and we tend to forget the importance of having personal and leisure time. A good work-life balance helps prevent burnout and increase productivity. Having fun outside of work helps to reduce stress and enjoy other aspects of life. Dont you think 9-5 is too common every day Life is not just about work. Allow yourself to keep it interesting and useful. If youre feeling guilty about indulging in too much fun check out the research on how playing hard helps us work hard. Coworking spaces like The Carrot Patch create an impact on their members by making them understand the importance of work-life balance. Their main goal is to cultivate a smart community where industry veterans aspiring entrepreneurs and working professionals can come together in an atmosphere of hard work and hard work. Members of this coworking space have access to benefits such as a rooftop pool 3. BOOSTING PRODUCTIVITY WITHOUT BREAKING THE BANK When individuals or businesses have a work-friendly environment productivity levels increase due to fewer distractions.

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Consider working in a café or café. Having coworking space to work will increase your efficiency providing all the necessities you need to do your job. No need to worry about finding power outlets to charge your devices or a nearby print shop just to print your documents. Research has also shown that taking breaks can increase a persons ability to concentrate and in turn increase their productivity. In fact a study by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign found that time breaks lead to better performance in tasks that require concentration. With comfortable relaxation areas in the coworking spaces individuals will be able to take breaks as if they were in the comfort of their own home. Handcrafted free-flowing coffee and tea provided in shared pantry spaces also help members find a quick problem-free solution to caffeine. Finally it is important to consider the costs of working at home or in a café compared to a coworking space. Many argue that it is more expensive to work in the latter.