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Currently, there are approximately five billion mobile users worldwide. For this reason, you cannot ignore the mobile market. If your business does not have a mobile app, it may be time to develop one. However, from the start, you will be faced with the dilemma "Android vs iOS application development". So which platform should you focus on for your project?


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Android v/s ios development Currently there are approximately five billion mobile users worldwide. For this reason you cannot ignore the mobile market. If your business does not have a mobile app it may be time to develop one. However from the start you will be faced with the dilemma "Android vs iOS application development". So which platform should you focus on for your project Below we have gathered the pros and cons of Android and iOS development. You will also find a platform comparison to help you make the right decision. Lets start. Development of Android vs iOS applications Develop Android applications To create Android applications the developers use the programming languages ​​Java C ++ and Kotlin. In addition Android developers use the following advanced Google development tools: Android Jetpack a set of pre-built Android components Firebase is known as a complete mobile application development platform Android SDK development kit connected to Android Studio an integrated development environment Now lets compare the pros and cons of Android apps. Benefits of ​Android Application Development Open system. Android developers have access to more features which are limited in iOS apps. Design. Developers use detailed Google design guidelines to develop an intuitive user interface. Fragmentation. On the one hand we can consider fragmentation as a disadvantage but you can develop applications for a wider range of devices including portable devices televisions embedded systems etc. Release. Compared to iOS Android apps are easier to publish to Google Play. The whole process may take only a few hours. Disadvantages of Android Application Development Fragmentation. As we said fragmentation can also be a disadvantage for Android. Nowadays Android devices are available in different screen sizes resolutions etc. The development team may need more time to adjust the functionality of the application for specific devices.

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Trial. Android versions and devices may vary. As a result quality assurance specialists may take longer to test your application. Expensive. The longer the development and testing time the higher the price of the Android application. It always depends on the functionality and complexity of the application. Develop iOS applications While Android has open source code iOS has closed the source code. This means that iOS only works on Apple devices. The development team can use Swift or Objective-C. In addition iOS development tools include: The iOS SDK ​ or Software Development Kit is integrated into the Cocoa Touch user interface framework. The framework provides graphical elements user interface controls and more. XCode ​ is the official integrated development environment IDE for the development of iOS applications. Swift Playgrounds is a development environment for Swift. TestFlight is an online service for installation and live testing. This online service allows you to test your applications and collect valuable comments before the application is released. Benefits of ​ iOS Mobile Application Development Returned. As you may already know Apple users spend more money on app purchases than Android users. The number of devices. As we said iOS only powers Apple devices. For this reason your application must adapt to the limited number of screens and devices. User interface design. Apple provides developers with a detailed style guide for the user interface of the application. The team needs less time which makes it more affordable at the design stage of the application. Disadvantages of iOS mobile app development Application version. Keep in mind that the App Store has fairly strict review guidelines. This means that the App Store may reject your app due to security concerns lack of valuable content or poor performance. In addition the developer must submit your application for real tests which usually takes a few days. Flexibility. IOS apps are generally difficult to personalize because the platform has many restrictions. Now its time to compare the two platforms.

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Development cost When choosing between iOS and Android development take into account that the estimated app prices may be higher for Android development. As mentioned earlier Android OS powers many devices with different screen sizes. This fact increases development time as well as costs. On the other hand iOS has a limited number of devices which also speeds up the development process. However iOS vs Android development costs depend on the number of features and the complexity of the application. Based on our app estimate: The basic Android or iOS application with basic functionality will cost from 15000 and will take two or three months to develop Some mid-complexity applications with third-party integrations such as payment gateways could cost 30000 and take three months to develop. Complex apps like social media or taxi-hailing apps with database and API integrations will cost from 50000 and take five months. When checking for development differences between Android and iOS consider that Google Play Store and App Store have their own app publishing fees. In the case of Android applications you will have to pay a one-time registration fee of 25. To publish your application on the App Store you must pay 99 per year. Trial IOS and Android OS have their own simulators for testing applications. However there are some differences between them. TestFlight the iOS test environment is faster than the Android emulator. At the same time the Android emulator virtual machine is more efficient and has a more realistic representation. Application updates IOS and Android release new updates at least once a year. So bear in mind that updating iOS apps to the new version of the operating system can take up to two weeks and affect your product roadmap and business strategy. As for Android it will take several hours to publish the new version of the application. Commitment When choosing between iOS or Android application development consider that it is more important to have more users or fewer users who engage more frequently. This choice will depend a lot on how you decide to monetize an application. Android has a larger audience in general while iOS has more engaged users. android ios app revenue

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Which is Easy to develop iOS or Android It is easier to start developing apps for iOS because they earn more and the cost of developing mobile apps is lower. If your business is a start-up and your capital is limited then iOS is the best place to start. Not only is it cheaper but iOS also brings influencers and PR. You will get more clicks for your iOS built app. This is why iOS development is better than Android. If your audience is from emerging markets it makes sense to start with Android as they tend to visit app stores more often. When is it time to move to another platform Growth is the main reason for moving to a new audience segment. Once you have exhausted or reached critical mass on one platform you can start targeting the region of the second platform. This will most likely increase your total number of users. Conclusion When considering whether to develop Android vs iOS consider the pros and cons of both platforms. However you should base your choice on your budget business idea time to market and other factors that we discussed in this article. You should choose iOS application development in the following cases: You want to generate higher revenue per user For a less complicated development process Your priorities are the security and confidentiality of user data. At the same time Android would be the best choice: If you want to reach a wider audience Less waiting time to get the app on the Store