GOD IS REAL – Over 100 Major New Proofs From The Bible, Ancient Yoga A


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Ashtanga Yoga – The existence of God is one of the oldest and most debated topics in the history of human civilization. Since the advent of life, philosophers, scientists and theologians have proposed arguments to support and disown the presence of God. Visit: http://www.samjaycpatel.com


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GOD IS REAL – Over 100 Major New Proofs From The Bible, Ancient Yoga And Modern Science:

GOD IS REAL – Over 100 Major New Proofs From The Bible, Ancient Yoga And Modern Science By Sanjay C. Patel

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This Paradigm-Breaking Seminar is the One and Only of Its Kind in the World! The information and presentation is easily understood by readers without a scientific background. Is God loving and just? Does he even exist? Yes! Over One Hundred Major New Convergences of Science and Spirituality Prove God Exists.

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After centuries of friction between the two, Sanjay has become the very first person to demonstrate objective proof of God based on ancient spiritual texts and a fully scientifically compatible explanation of Genesis’s 7 Days and Noah’s Flood. Sanjay’s explanation is complete, coherent, and in line with mainstream science. Hugely important findings, some of them have been published in three international science journals and hailed by many as one of the most important discoveries of this century. A major breakthrough in the ‘science versus spirituality’ debate, they are the exciting fruits of 30 years of analysis and research of ancient texts.

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The following four elements are crucial to understanding the relationship between Science, Spirituality, and God’s Existence: The Truths of Scientific Discovery The Limitations of Science The New Convergences Between Science and Ancient Spirituality The New Convergences Between Eastern and Western Spiritual Traditions

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Methodology Informative & Energizing Explanation by Sanjay C. Patel Powerful Multimedia Presentation Enlightening Open Forum Question-Answer Sessions!

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