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Power Up Your Real Estate Business Now Through Online marketing Presented By: 119 S Atlantic Blvd,. Suite 303, Monterey Park, CA 91754 Office: 626.872.0608 Fax: 626.872.6022 Email: [email protected] Website: www.ManRealty.com & www.ManInvestmentGroup.com By: John Man

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Online Presence Now Is Essential.. A strong online presence is now essential for real estate professionals. It does not matter if you are a realtor (new or experienced) or an investor, a homeowner or homebuyer; the Internet is steadily growing into the world's largest real estate resource, with thousands of pages of listings, community information, photographs and multimedia tours. The Internet must be utilized if a real estate group wants to succeed in today's market.

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Past Present Think of it in terms of the newspaper industry. Many major papers are struggling because they are not doing more with their content. They are not doing more for their readers. They are merely shifting their information from print to the Web. Today's Consumers are going to the internet to get their information.

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This is a traditional agent, You open escrow and paperwork invades your time. This in effect leaves you no time to prospect for new business. Sold But what if there was a way to only monitor your escrows and prospect for new business? Our agents are on the field doing what they do best sell homes. Traditional Agent Productive Agent

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Online Real Estate Statistics: 87% of homebuyers use the Internet as an information source. 77% of Internet homebuyers drove by or viewed a home they saw online. 32% of buyers first found their home on the Internet. 25% of FSBOs used the Internet to help sell their home. An online presence is a relatively affordable way for realtors to share their products an information with countless potential clients. It also allows them to take a proactive approach to their work while the market struggles. Being online allows you to easily update and share your listings.

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Internet Statistics: It is reasonable to predict that the Internet and Internet access devices will have a bigger impact than the combined effect of the phone, TV and PC in the next 10 to 15 years.

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Coming Soon Summer 2010

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