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Music Research:

Music Research

Our Film:

Our Film For our film, we needed to find a piece of music that fully reflects the genre of our film and sets the right mood, for this we took to the internet and tried to find some of the best action film music. As our film is an action film we have to take sounds and music into consideration. From the Opening sequence analysis, we have discovered that the music in the a film is very important as it sets the tone and makes the genre clear for the audience, it is also used to add tension to a scene or make the scene more relaxed. However we have chosen to analyse the music more closely from some of the biggest blockbusters.

James Bond: 007- John Barry:

James Bond: 007- John Barry The fast pace music, sets the scene well as it makes the audience feel as though someone is there with them. The use of the explosions and loud trumpet (Jazzy) sounds, indicate that the scene is coming to a end. However the music repeats itself until it reaches the end and the trumpet noises get more frequent which adds suspense to the scene. Also the audience can connect with the music as it is in every ‘James Bond’ movie which are very well known in the world.

Mission Impossible-Adam Clayton & Larry Mullen:

Mission Impossible-Adam Clayton & Larry Mullen The music starts with a drum symbol being tapped gently, already the audience gets the idea that something is going to happen. However the cymbals stop being played and there is a drum roll and a louder high pitch noise gets played. The beat then drops and there are loud ‘Bass’ sounds that are played. The bass then continues and a high pitch sound then comes into the music. This shows the audience that the scene is very important, also as the music isn't that distracting it shows how the actor needs to concentrate on the task in hand. Halfway through the music starts to sound ‘worn out’ and begins to fade, however the music picks up the pace with the use of ‘Hand Drums’ which makes it sound even more mysterious. The music then sounds like an electric guitar is being played, this adds tension to the scene as the tempo increases massively.

Men In Black- Will Smith:

Men In Black- Will Smith The music opens with a low pitch sound that sounds like it is moving across the screen, as it goes from speaker to speaker, this is done to add tension to the film. There is then different high pitch ‘bleeping’ sounds which indicates that there is spaceship, this is emphasised by the low pitch sound as it sounds like the spaceship is flying across the screen. There is then a ‘Heavy Bass’ sound that sounds like something is bouncing fiercely across the screen, then the lyrics start to be sang. The use of the lyrics takes the tenseness away from the scene as the music then sounds a normal ‘R&B’ soundtrack, as the music then changes to a soft, smooth sound, also the lyrics are not serious and has a lot of ‘Soulful’ voice ranges which indicate that the film is going to be quite relaxed, as appose to the first bit of music that we heard at the beginning which indicated that the film was going to be quite thrilling.

The Matrix- Robert Dougan:

The Matrix- Robert Dougan The music starts with an orchestral sound, which offers a relaxed vibe, but at the same time adds tension the film. There is then a heavy bass which is played instead of the orchestral which continues to add tension, as it sounds quite like a humans heartbeat which makes the audience wonder what is going to happen. There is then high pitch violin sound and a keyboard synthesiser which adds more tension, the composer has chosen this because it entices the audience and makes them question the scene as it is a rare combination of music that is not traditionally used in films. Also the way in which the music starts off calm and gets more dramatic sets the tone for the film.


Conclusion After carefully analysing music from four of the biggest blockbusters, we have clearly decided to go with Robert Dougan’s style of Music from ‘The Matrix .’ We have chosen this type of music to be played in the opening sequence as it starts off calm and then one of the characters takes a turn for the worst and we needed some music to reflect the danger that she is going to be in, also it indicates that not only, she is in danger, but also that someone near her could be also. However as the original piece is 7 minutes long, we knew that we had to cut it down to fit in with out 2 minute opening sequence. This worked out good as it not only intensifies the opening sequence it also sets the mood for the type of film.