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Twitter page- The Final Deal:

Twitter page- The Final Deal

Why Twitter?:

Why Twitter? To promote our film we have created a twitter page for fans of the film to keep up with updates and get to know more about it. Also as twitter users are growing massively each year, we think that it is a good idea to add our film to the social networking site, as not only is it good ‘word of mouth’ it is also free advertisement for our film and more people can get to know about it through the use of the ‘ retweet ’ button which enables users to show their own followers what interests them.

Graph to Show Increase in Twitter Users.:

Graph to Show Increase in Twitter Users. This graph shows an increase in the twitter population. As it is always increasing it felt right to add a twitter page for our film. Graph from: http ://

Twitter Followers:

Twitter Followers However after carefully looking at some of the most followed people, we discovered that the majority of famous people with a huge fan base and lots of followers turned out to be singers such as, Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga. They have a lots of followers as they can interact with their fans, something which some movie stars cant do as they do not have concerts they can get fans to go to.

Movie Stars:

Movie Stars The first movie star on the top followers is Miley Cyrus at number 31 with 11482467 followers, a reason she is within the top 50 is because she has the background of being on Disney Channel and being a singer, as well as starring in movies. Even though there is not any films with a lot of followers we have still chosen to make one as it is free promotion and offers the chance for people to get to know the actors.

Other Film Stars:

Other Film Stars Stars such as Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman who are part of amazing films such as Les Misérables use twitter to tweet about then premiere and what time they will be there, in order for their fans to get the chance to see them.


Benefits We have a chosen a twitter page as many new films have one, such as twilight, as it is a new kind of technology and gains lots more followers which means a lot more fans of the film, which will increase the profits if they go and buy the film and the film company will not lose any money due to advertising as its free. Also as the target audience for our film is teenagers, it appeals to the majority of twitter users as they know the technology well.


Tweeting By having a twitter page it is a personal way for us to get in touch with our fans, by promoting our film and tweeting them directly. Many film twitter pages use twitter as a way of revealing official information and offer the chance to go to the premieres or meet the cast.


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