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Essay Writing Help By EssayCorp

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What is An Essay An essay is a paragraph or a couple paragraphs written on specific topics. These paragraphs are not long but are concise and to the point are not meant to beat around the bush.

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Types of Essay Writing There are four major types of essay writing ● Descriptive Essays ● Narrative Essays ● Persuasive Essays ● Expository Essays

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Descriptive Essays These types of essays are used to describe a certain topic object or place amongst other things that can be described. Descriptive essays use a lot of adjectives. They are used to enhance the description of whatever the writer is writing about.

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Narrative Essays These types of essays are written to narrate a point in time that the writer wants to tell his audience. Teachers give this type of essays to students to help them understand themselves. This type of essay is said to help the writer see why he did what he did.

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Narrative Essays The writer writes what had happened and then is able to see what went on in this mind. Teachers use this method to help increase their students’ understanding of how their mind and thinking works. This helps the students improve their writing skills.

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Persuasive Essays This type of essay writing is written to persuade the reader to move from his thinking to the writers thinking. This type of essay writing has a few important points that are put into the skeleton.

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Skeleton of Persuasive Essays 1. Correct facts 2. Questions 3. Facts about the opposing side 4. Why your point is right

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Expository Essays This type of essay is about putting the facts in front of the reader. The writer explains a fact or a theme to the reader in a short clear and crisp manner. The writer is supposed to collect and provide correct facts and simply explain them to the reader.

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