Top 5 comparison of the best SharePoint Migration Tools


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Top 5 comparison of the best SharePoint Migration Tools


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Unlimited Migration SharePoint Migration using PowerShell Scripting Security Manager Migration Scheduling Turbo mode for bulk data Metadata Bulk Edit Migrate sites subsites lists libraries views and workflows Multiple platform support Easy roll over features Analytics Saketa Saketa SharePoint Migrator allows a well-planned SharePoint migration at lightning speed along with a wide variety of options like SharePoint to SharePoint File to SharePoint and Cloud to SharePoint. Some of its most Attractive features are: Top 5 SharePoint Migrators SharePoint is emerging to be essential in every digital workplace to keep up with the modernization. This in turn makes SharePoint Migration a vital process for every organization which has been maintaining an older version of SharePoint or is thinking of upgrading to SharePoint from on-premise system files or other data sources. SharePoint migration simply refers to this process of transporting the content we have in our existing one-premise files or SharePoint and moving it to either a new version or an entirely new one.

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Microsoft launched its SharePoint Migration Tool SPMT to migrate files from SharePoint on-premise document libraries or file shares and easily copy them to SharePoint Online tenant. It is available to all Office 365 users. By evaluating the purpose of this simple free tool we find that the users can’t do complete SharePoint to SharePoint migrations with it as it supports only files migration between two document libraries without metadata. Its main purpose is to serve the people who are moving from File shares and network drives to O365. Microsoft SharePoint Migration tool - MOVER Its most attractive features include: Schedule migrations Post migration My sites and blog sites migration. Taxonomy term set and term groups migration Migration Speed performance Simple and clean UI Supports all well-known cloud storages migration to SharePoint

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Sharegate Sharegate’s main ideology was to be the simplest SharePoint migrator. It can migrate entire sites at a time or be selective. Irrespective of the complexity it makes the process simple and fast without impacting the users. Though it is one of the market leaders yet its complex UI makes it quite difficult for the users to handle it. It’s data limit of 2GB also makes it necessary for the users to manually migrate the files larger than that. Inspite of being a fantastic tool for any type of user IT or Business End User for simple copying of content its less useful if structure transformation of the content is on the cards. Its features include: Unlimited data migration No server installation required Nintex workflow migration tool Unlimited technical support No file left behind Great migration speed

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This tool can create new sites or set up new site infrastructure within itself rather than within SharePoint resulting in an efficient content restructuring. It also allows one hop migration without undertaking the intermediate version conversions. On the other hand its not so user friendly UI makes it a functional business user’s nightmare. Go for it only if you have an ample of SharePoint knowledge to the core else be ready to invest a lot of time learning to use its powerful features. Further its high price tag makes it affordable only if you are a big enterprise looking for a good abundance of features. Metalogix This over an decade old trusted migrator was designed keeping the novice in mind. It easily deploys to SharePoint without needing any additional server. Its features include: No Server-Side Install One-hop migration and consolidation Intelligent Migration Distributed migration Self-service migration Optimized performance speed

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Avepoint AvePoint migrates enterprise- wide content in a seamless well- assessed and fully-mapped manner causing minimal business disruption. It supports around 14 legacy systems. Avepoint is known for quickly consolidating enterprise content from legacy systems or previous versions of SharePoint to SharePoint server or SharePoint Online. But it requires a new server farm to be set up in order to accomplish the basic requirements such as metadata preservation along with content and configuration preservation. This makes the process quite tacky. Its features include: This was our list of the most efficient SharePoint Migration in the market as of now. Leaving the rest up to you to evaluate according to your needs to find the best suited migrator for your organization. Still contemplating Get in touch for an expert advice. Drop us a note at and our specialists will guide you further. Content Pre-Scan Legacy protection High Speed Source and Destination Environment Coexistence During Migration Online or Offline Migration Data Synchronization with Customized Scheduling

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Specialized Features High Level Features Copy Site Objects Export from SharePoint Copy SharePoint Content Import Files to SharePoint Bulk Metadata Edit No Volume Limit Farm Migration Migrate Farm Content Migrate Farm Architecture Migrate Farm Content Database Site Migration Migrate Sites and Subsites Merge Existing Sites None None None None None None None None Promote Site to Site Collection Migrate Term Store aka Taxonomy Migrate Site Settings Migrate Web Parts Migrate Customized Views and Forms Activate Features

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Specialized Features Site Migration Migrate Site Navigation Tree view Migrate Welcome Page Reassign Site Templates Migrate List Settings Migrate Site Content Types Migrate Lists and Libraries Migrate Site Columns Migrate Groups Migrate Permission Levels Migrate Users Domain migration for users Migrate SharePoint Designer Workflows Handle orphaned users Migrate Views None None Migrate OOTB Workflows Migrate of 3rd Party Workflows Migrate user alerts Item level based migration for Attachments Correct links Migrate sites to a different template Migrate lists to a different template Version cleanup Recognize site schema changes

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Content Migration Incremental Migration Migrate SharePoint Documents Migrate Document Sets Copy List Attachments Copy Content Between Lists and Libraries Copy Document Templates Migrate InfoPath Forms Map Folder Names to Metadata Migrate Files and Folders Preserve Version History Preserve Created and Modified information Preserve Office Document Properties Preserve Approval Status Preserve Web Parts Enrich Metadata through Excel Remap List Columns Map Folders to Document Sets Remap Content Types Preserve PDF Properties Preserve File System permissions NTFS Replace Illegal Characters Specialized Features

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Content Migration Import files to SharePoint Filter Content during Migration Flatten Folder hierarchy Preserve Lookup Values Correct Links Remap Permission Levels Remap Users and Groups Convert Column Types Auto-Create Terms in Taxonomy Exclude items from migration Replace illegal characters Migrate file system and file shares to SP Map properties during the import Map Content Types Map Permission levels Incremental Migration Delete one or more file or folder during migration Preserve author and timestamps Specialized Features

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Export From SharePoint Reporting Access content exported Easily access exported Metadata from Excel Export all content with Version History Export to Desktop or File Shares Migration Report Report Search Save Migration Report to Excel Compliance Reporting Microsoft Best Practice Reports Infrastructure Reports Compare elements pre and post migration Features for our Geeks Use PowerShell Script your Migration with PowerShell Schedule your Migration with PowerShell Complete SDK with the tool for .net developers / powershell integration Specialized Features

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Supported Versions Support SharePoint Server 2007 SharePoint WSS 3.0 SharePoint Foundation SharePoint WSS 2.0 SharePoint 2003 Office 365 Sharepoint Enterprise 2010 SharePoint 2013 Email support Online documentation Phone support All-star support team Features for our Geeks Schedule and Manage Backups Monitor Operations in Real-Time Restore Full-Farm or Granular Data to Specific Farm Single-Source Admin and Management Tool Backup Farm Root Hive Backup IIS Configuration Backup Webroot Folders N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A None None None None None Specialized Features

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Backup Backup GAC RBLOB Management RBLOB Storage Continuous BLOB Backup Content Database Backup Granular Restore Tiered Storage Single Instance Storage Increased Performance Access to flat file content in file system as represented in sharepoint libraries Backup Certificate Stores Backup SharePoint Registry Entries Backup .Net Framework Files Coverage Map Search Utility to Locate and Restore Granular Items End User Granular restore Requires only CA web application be present to perform total farm rebuild Item Level restores from both granular and backup points Ability to perform item level restores from existing SQL backups None None None None None None None None None None None None None None None Specialized Features

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RBLOB Management Link to files outside of sharepoint with no stub or reference in sql End User Content Management Native SharePoint Based Control Bulk End User Content Upload Bulk End User Content Download Bulk End User Content Copy Site Wide Content Search Metadata Classification During Content Copy Increased Performance Access to flat file content in file system as represented in sharepoint libraries Read only / https based externalization Ability to externalize based on metadata Ability to keep connected libraries accessible and useable from the file system/ SharePoint Specialized Features

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Office 365 Migration/Management Interactive Reports for Office 365 Administration User Activity Reports Site Usage Reports Transfer Permissions Clone Permissions Copy Permissions Copy Users Copy Groups Copy Content Types Copy Navigation Native Ribbon-Based End User Content Management OneDrive Migration/Management Google to OneDrive Content Migration Google Sites to SharePoint Online Migration Automatically Provision OneDrive Accounts Copy OneDrives in Bulk Backup OneDrive Content Interactive Site and User Activity Reports Data Growth Reports Specialized Features

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Licensing Model Install licenses on Application Servers Install licenses on WFE Servers Install licenses on SQL Servers Install licenses on Project Servers Install licenses on Search Servers if dedicated Install licenses on Distributed Cache Servers if dedicated Install licenses on Service Application Servers if dedicated Install licenses on Workstation Costs and Fees Overview low cost - - - higher cost Priced per user based on administrative user Priced per server Prices per core processor/ per server Specialized Features

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Usability and Interface Good documentation Downloadable documentation Online documentation Includes Tutorials Product Information Specialized Features

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