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Huldah : 

Huldah Her name means “Mole or Weasel”

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In the Old Testament, Huldah is one of four women mentioned as prophets the others were Miriam, Deborah and Isaiah’s wife. At the time of her prophetic mission other prophets, Jeremiah and Zephaniah, were active. Josiah had become the king of Judah when he was only eight years old and in another eight years he began to seek the “God of king David.” In order to do that he began what some call a “war of extermination” against the idol worship which had existed for the previous 70 years. When he was 26 he began to restore and beautify the temple which had fallen into disrepair. In the process Hilkiah, the high priest made a startling discovery.

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Many believe it was the original Pentateuch, the first 5 books of the Bible, written by Moses himself. In the story of the Eunuch in Acts 8:30 we see the Eunuch in need of a scriptural interpreter and he called on Philip. Josiah finds himself in the same situation and he called on Huldah. She foretells God’s plan for the destruction of Jerusalem (2 Kgs. 22:15-17) because of idol worship. She continues by telling Josiah that the destruction will not happen while he is alive because of his faithfulness to God.

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By virtue of the fact that Josiah had call upon Huldah it presents clear evidence that he valued her prophesies more than her contemporaries. This demonstrates that a woman could be wise and influential in a male dominated society without holding an official religious or political position in government. Huldah’s talents validated Josiah’s efforts to become closer to God.

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Even though Huldah lived in an average home, was married to an average man she delivered God’s message at a time it was desperately needed. The women, the mothers of the world have been doing the same for centuries in their families, their churches, and workplaces.

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